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‘Scream VI’: Liana Liberato Reveals the WILD Family Connection That Was Cut From the Film

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In the latest movie of the popular horror series “Scream”, two new characters had to take on three Ghostface killers who actually turn out to be related: Father Detective Bailey, Quinn (played by Liana Liberato) and her brother Ethan. In an interview with Perri Nemiroff, Liana revealed that there was a missing reference to Quinn and Ethan’s mother which didn’t make the final cut of the movie.

In Scream VI, Detective Bailey leads his family in a crime to take revenge on the death of Jack Quaid’s character Richie Kirsch. Detective Bailey is not a good father but that raises a question about what happened to Quinn and Ethan’s mom. According to Quinn, there used to be a few lines saying that Mother Bailey was the first victim of new Ghostfaces because she opposed her husband’s plan for murder. As Liberato tells us:

“At some point during filming for ‘Scream VI’, there was a scene that involved me and Ethan helping Detective Bailey with the death of our mom. It was meant to be funny and it made us laugh, because it was crazy! We were actually acting like we had killed our mother!”

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“Family Fun and Making Up Lines with Nicole Kidman

According to Liberato, everyone who starred in the movie Scream VI had lots of fun while they were filming it. The Bailey family actually acted out and pretended different stories to make sense of their crazy actions in New York City. Mulroney especially loved when he was given opportunities to make up lines off the top of his head- even suggesting that Nicole Kidman should be cast as Mother Bailey. In Liberato’s words:

My brother Dermot was really funny because I’m the only one with red hair in our family. He would always joke around and say that Nicole Kidman is our mom! Even though, based on the script we read, our mom isn’t back from her ‘party’ yet.

Right now, the movie Scream VI is doing really well in cinemas. Here is my interview with Liberato below if you want to check it out.

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