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See How Pirates and Kaiju Collide in the New ‘Godzilla: Here There Be Dragons’ Miniseries [Exclusive]

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FilmSweep has a cool announcement for all Godzilla fans! They’re launching a new comic book series about the King of Monsters called “Here There Be Dragons”. It’s written by Frank Tieri and illustrated by Inaki Miranda, who also made ‘Old Lady Harley’ comic series. This one is set in a world full of pirates sailing the Seven Seas. How exciting!

Back in the 1500s, sailors had heard stories about frightening creatures that lurked in waters like enormous tentacles. Even though people now know these aren’t true, this story creates a fascinating spin-off with Godzilla and other monsters crossing paths with ancient explorers. This makes it an exciting adventure for Godzilla fans while they wait for the next movie in the MonsterVerse series. According to Tieri, it’s an amazing thing because the setting is perfect.

This cool story is all about a famous explorer, Sir Francis Drake, and what happened on one of his voyage. It’s told through the eyes of someone who’s about to be executed for being on that voyage! Is it true? Or just another story made-up by pirates? If you’re into Godzilla then make sure to check out this comic book and find out if there actually was a conspiracy involving Drake, an island and Godzilla!

The ‘Godzilla Island’ series from the 90’s is officially available in the US for the first time! Miranda commented on this news, so check it out!

“Godzilla is so special and amazing! It’s both a pop culture icon that brings us joy, and a reminder of how society can hurt itself. Working with Toho and IDW to illustrate Godzilla has been awesome. And working with my friend Frank to write stories about old myths together is always a thrilling experience full of fun and new discoveries!”

It’s a great time to be into Godzilla! After the success of ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’, director Adam Wingard and writer Terry Rossio are already working on a sequel. Also, Apple TV+ is making a series with Kurt Russell and Wyatt Russel all about different Titans. Apart from that, lots of old and new Godzilla stuff is happening – a new story called ‘Godzilla: Here There Be Dragons’ is coming soon. Plus, writers Tieri and Miranda have made another mini-series for us too! We can’t wait to check it out!

This summer, there is a new Godzilla story called “Here There Be Dragons” and it will be told in 5 parts. You can get the first one at comic book stores. We interviewed some of the people from the movie “Godzilla: King of the Monsters”, so check that out too!

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