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Simon Pegg Speaks About Tom Cruise’s Fearless Stunts, His Stylish Valentino Suit, and the Anticipated Wilder Season 4 of ‘The Boys’

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Simon Pegg Interview

Simon Pegg’s journey, from his early days in Spaced to his latest film, Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One, has been nothing short of incredible. The British actor gained worldwide acclaim with the much-loved zombie comedy Shaun of the Dead in 2004, opening doors he had only humorously envisaged. FilmSweep’s Steve Weintraub had the pleasure of catching up with Pegg at the global premiere of Dead Reckoning Part One in Rome, reflecting on Pegg’s early career and discussing the exciting journey since then.

Having encountered each other numerous times at conventions and programs, Weintraub and Pegg share a long history. However, before their conversation could progress, Weintraub couldn’t help but inquire about Pegg’s choice of attire – a Valentino suit – at the premiere. Pegg quipped, “Are you? I thought the Tyrell Corporation was a dead giveaway,” adding, “Well, I’m in Italy, do you know what I mean? I felt like I should wear a reputable Italian designer and who better than Valentino?” Pegg’s career has skyrocketed since their first meeting, boasting an impressive resume of four Mission: Impossible and Ice Age movies, a role in three Star Trek films starting in 2009, a couple more comedies with Edgar Wright and Nick Frost, and a part in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


Pegg looked back at his pre-Shaun of the Dead days, contemplating how his younger self would have reacted knowing his future stardom and significant blockbuster roles. He mused, “I sometimes think that, and I wonder. I would love to go back and just tell myself because I would have an absolute conniption fit.” Their first meeting took place almost 20 years ago, at Comic-Con 2004, where they were promoting Shaun of the Dead, still unknown at that time. Despite having co-written the BAFTA-nominated Spaced with Jessica Stevenson, which was a hit in his native U.K., he could still blend in and enjoy the fun at Comic-Con. As Weintraub recalled their past encounters, Pegg excitedly encouraged him to share more on-camera, reminiscing about the good old days in the ArcLight.

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Still Wrapping up the Ending for ‘Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 2’

Cast of Dead Reckoning Marveled at Tom Cruise’s Stunt Mastery

Returning to the main event in Rome, Weintraub questioned Pegg about any off-camera footage he might have captured of his co-star Tom Cruise performing death-defying stunts for Dead Reckoning Part One. Cruise, no stranger to on-screen danger, took his thrill-seeking to a new level, his most frightening stunt being a motorcycle leap off a ramp over a precipice, followed by a parachute deployment. Pegg managed to capture this particular feat on video, recalling the palpable tension and genuine excitement among the entire cast, including himself, as they watched Cruise risk his life, only to bounce back unscathed every time:

“I have a video on my phone of the motorcycle stunt, of me from the side. I was stood with Tarzan, Pom, and Haley, and I’ve got the whole thing, and I zoom in, and he goes off, and he just disappears. You hear us just go silent as we’re waiting to hear that he’s alive, and then we all just laugh like children, like giddy, ridiculous, insane children, because the relief,

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What is the highlight of Simon Pegg’s conversation with Steve Weintraub?

Simon Pegg’s conversation with Steve Weintraub covered many aspects of his career, from his initial rise to fame with Shaun of the Dead, to his work in Mission: Impossible and Star Trek films, as well as his part in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. They also discussed his choice of a Valentino suit for the premiere of Dead Reckoning Part One and his expectations for the upcoming Season 4 of ‘The Boys’.

What does Simon Pegg say about Tom Cruise’s stunts in Dead Reckoning Part One?

Simon Pegg described Tom Cruise’s stunts in Dead Reckoning Part One as death-defying and fearless. He shared that he managed to capture Cruise’s most terrifying stunt on video – a motorcycle leap off a ramp over a cliff followed by a parachute deployment. The entire cast, including Pegg, watched in fear and excitement, bursting into laughter and relief when they confirmed Cruise was safe.

What did Simon Pegg say about the upcoming Season 4 of ‘The Boys’?

Simon Pegg expressed excitement for his return in Season 4 of ‘The Boys’. He teased that the new season would be even wilder than the previous ones. He also shared his enthusiasm for reprising his role as Hughie’s father and working again with the cast and crew, especially expressing his fondness for Jack Quaid and Rosemarie DeWitt, who plays Hughie’s mom.

Why did Simon Pegg choose to wear a Valentino suit to the premiere of Dead Reckoning Part One?

While in Rome for the premiere of Dead Reckoning Part One, Simon Pegg chose to wear a suit by Valentino. He explained his choice by saying that since he was in Italy, he felt like he should wear a design by a reputable Italian designer, and he couldn’t think of anyone better than Valentino.

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Daisy12 June 23, 2023 - 12:40 am

Pegg and Cruise, together again? sign me up!! Just love those two on screen together.

ZombieLover June 23, 2023 - 2:25 am

Shaun of the Dead was a classic, no ones doing it like Pegg did back then, pure genius!

James94 June 23, 2023 - 7:39 am

thats crazy how Simon Pegg can just chill in Valentino…imagine that being ur life, mans living the dream!

ItalianFashionista June 23, 2023 - 10:31 am

That Valentino suit must have been a stunner on Simon, Italy suits him well! Would love to see more pics.

MovieBuff June 23, 2023 - 1:49 pm

cant wait for Dead Reckoning, the cast lineup is insane! gonna be epic.

TrekkieFan01 June 23, 2023 - 2:37 pm

Pegg as Scotty in Star Trek was just brillant! Looking forward to his role in Dead Reckoning, and even more so The Boys S4!

DaringStunts June 23, 2023 - 7:41 pm

Tom Cruise’s stunts just keep getting crazier, hows he even still alive after all that? mad respect to him

ComicConAttendee June 23, 2023 - 8:42 pm

i remember meeting Simon at Comic-Con ’04, great guy. has come a long way since then. kudos to him


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