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Slash Believes People Haven’t Learned from ‘Jurassic Park’

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Jurassic Park's Lessons

Slash Believes People Haven’t Learned from ‘Jurassic Park’

Renowned guitarist, Slash, known for his association with Guns N’ Roses, has expressed his belief that humanity has failed to learn a valuable lesson from the film ‘Jurassic Park.’ In a recent interview with FilmSweep’s Christina Radish, Slash theorized that despite the clear warnings of the movie, many people would still flock to a real-life Jurassic Park if it were to exist, disregarding the inherent dangers involved.

The movie ‘Jurassic Park,’ well-known for its chaotic narrative, revolves around John Hammond’s ambitious attempt to clone dinosaurs, resulting in disastrous consequences. Slash acknowledges the challenge of creating something original in the shadows of this iconic film, and he is currently working on a secretive project involving dinosaurs.

When questioned about people’s potential reaction to an actual Jurassic Park, Slash responded, “No, I don’t think scientists have learned anything from Jurassic Park. I do know that there were a lot of scientists that have been involved in Jurassic Park, ever since its inception, and Michael Crichton really did a great job creating that original story in the first place. But if we were ever faced with that reality – and you can never say never, but it’s pretty close to impossible – I think that we would all go to that island. We’d all take our chances. We do it with everything else, so of course, we would.”

Slash’s fascination with dinosaurs is apparent, and he even divulged that discussions have taken place regarding a dinosaur-related feature movie. However, he acknowledges the challenge of any such project being compared to the groundbreaking success of Jurassic Park. Despite this, there is a desire to create an original story revolving around dinosaurs.

In ‘Jurassic Park,’ a masterpiece by Steven Spielberg from 1993, the character John Hammond, portrayed by Richard Attenborough, seeks to amaze the world with his long-kept secret: a theme park featuring cloned dinosaurs. With the help of leading scientists in various fields, Hammond has managed to bring these ancient creatures back to life using fossilized DNA and modern animal genomes. However, his lack of understanding of the potential consequences leads to chaos and the disruption of the island’s ecosystem.

As the story unfolds, renowned experts Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) and Dr. Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern) find themselves invited to inspect the park before its grand opening. Unfortunately, the park’s power outage, caused by a sabotaging employee, sets the dinosaurs free, turning the island into a perilous hunting ground for those who couldn’t make it back to safety.

The fascination with ‘Jurassic Park’ continues even today, and Mattel commemorates the film’s 30th anniversary with a special Steven Spielberg action figure.

For more insights, you can watch FilmSweep’s interview with Sam Neill below: [link to the interview].

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Jurassic Park’s Lessons

What does Slash believe about people’s response to a real-life Jurassic Park?

Slash believes that people haven’t learned anything from Jurassic Park and would still flock to a real-life Jurassic Park if it existed, despite the dangers. He thinks that even though the movie’s message is clear about the risks of exposing people to unnatural danger for profit, the desire to be near such an event is inherent in people’s nature.

What is Slash’s involvement with dinosaurs?

Slash is a fan of dinosaurs and has expressed his interest in them. He is currently working on a secret project that involves prehistoric creatures. However, he also acknowledges the challenge of creating something original in the shadow of Jurassic Park, a groundbreaking movie in the dinosaur genre.

What is ‘Jurassic Park’ about?

‘Jurassic Park,’ directed by Steven Spielberg, is a 1993 classic that revolves around John Hammond’s ambitious endeavor to clone dinosaurs and create a theme park featuring these ancient creatures. However, the attempt leads to chaos and danger as the cloned dinosaurs escape their enclosures, hunting humans on the island.

Why does Slash think people haven’t learned from ‘Jurassic Park’?

Slash believes that despite the clear warnings depicted in ‘Jurassic Park,’ people still have the inherent desire to witness and experience a real-life Jurassic Park. He thinks that people’s curiosity and thrill-seeking nature would override the knowledge of the potential dangers involved in such an endeavor.

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