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Step Into Horror History With Cavity Colors’ Blood-Soaked ‘Carrie’ Collection

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When talking about horror, the name of Stephen King easily comes up. He is the author behind iconic books like It, The Shining, Doctor Sleep, Misery and Pet Cemetery. Most of these books have been made into movies. One particular movie that has stood the test of time is Carrie which is based on his very first book and was directed by Brian De Palma in 1976. And now Cavity Colors are producing a collection inspired by this classic film – something sure to leave all horror fans screaming for more!

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The new collection features three cool designs inspired by the movie Carrie. One of them shows us a photo of Sissy Spaceke as Carrie, with flames blazing behind and covered in pig’s blood – it’s really scary! On this design, her head is replaced with a skull making it even creepier. The awesome part about this is ‘they’re gonna laugh at you’, one of the film’s popular quotes, written in red. This design will be present on standard tee-shirts, baseball tees with red sleeves and zip-up hoodies where the artwork appears on the back and Carrie’s silhouette on the front.

Now, I’ll reword all the confusing words or complex grammar from the above passage, so that a teenager around thirteen years old can understand what it means.

This design features pictures taken directly from the movie. The main one is of Carrie covered with pigs’ blood, enacting her revenge. Her eyes have been replaced with a skull, which appears again next to this image with her emotionless eyes still in it. There are also illustrations of Carrie’s house, a silhouette of her and a Jesus themed headdress, as these three images appear often throughout the movie. This long sleeve design will have more images on both sleeves including the moment when Carrie struts home covered in blood before she meets her fate. It also includes some tags like “If You Got a Taste For Terror… Take Carrie To The Prom”. The last design of this shirt is tie-dye and displays the film’s title font along with this tagline, sending horror fans back to when they first saw how far Carrie was willing to go.

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Experience the Iconic Horror of ‘Carrie’ with the Brand New 4K Blu-Ray!

Carrie is a movie released in 1976 that was ahead of its time. It’s known for the dark scenes of bullying, women coming-of-age, and religious obsession. The film has an “eerie” feel to it with awesome shots which will probably cause you to jump out of your seat. Sissy Spacek gives one of her best performances depicting Carrie’s emotional complexity and level of darkness. There’s a great buildup to the Prom scene (which counts as one of the most iconic moments in horror movies) -where Carrie is covered in pigs blood! Even after over 50 years, this movie is still as scary and frightening as ever. Going through high school can be hard enough without having supernatural wallbreaking powers!

The 1976 film version of Carrie is considered to be the best in capturing the horror theme thanks to both Stephen King and Brian de Palma’s work. It has become a popular movie during Halloween and it also just released in 4K Blu-ray for the first time last year by Scream Factory.

You can purchase the new Cavity Colors’ Carrie collection from their website. You can also get Scream Factory 4K here. To check them out, have a look at Cavity Colors’ collection and the trailer of Carrie below.

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