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‘Stranger Things’ Play Unveils Full Cast for ‘The First Shadow’

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Prepare to journey back to Hawkins in 1959, two decades before the supernatural saga of Stranger Things unfolds. In a surprising twist, fan-favorite characters like Joyce Byers, Jim Hopper Jr., and Bob Newby will be reimagined by a fresh ensemble of actors, bringing a new dimension to the world of the Upside Down.

Netflix has just dropped the curtain on the official cast for the much-anticipated Stranger Things play, ‘The First Shadow.’ This theatrical experience promises to transport audiences back to the quaint town of Hawkins, this time in the late 1950s. Set to premiere in London’s West End this November, ‘The First Shadow’ will feature Isabella Pappas and Oscar Lloyd stepping into the iconic shoes of Joyce Byers (formerly Maldonado) and Jim Hopper Jr. Adding to the excitement, Christopher Buckley will portray the younger version of Joyce’s Season 2 love interest, Bob Newby.

But ‘The First Shadow’ isn’t just a nostalgia trip; it’s a deep dive into the origins of this supernatural universe. Louis McCartney will embody the young Henry Creel, whose powers rival Eleven’s. Playing the roles of Virginia and Victor, his parents, are Lauren Ward and Michael Jibson. Meanwhile, the enigmatic Doctor Brenner will be brought to life by Patrick Vaill.

Matt and Ross Duffer, the masterminds behind Stranger Things, couldn’t contain their enthusiasm about the cast selection:

“The cast of Stranger Things: The First Shadow is nothing short of phenomenal. These actors brilliantly explore the early days of many fan favorites – including Hopper, Joyce, Bob, Henry, and Dr. Brenner – while also bringing new characters to vivid life. We couldn’t be more thrilled and can’t wait for you to meet them all live on stage. See you in London, nerds!”

Expanding the Ensemble

The excitement doesn’t end with these familiar faces. ‘The First Shadow’ will introduce a younger Lonnie Byers, Joyce’s ex, portrayed by Chase Brown. Ammar Duffus will take on the role of Lucas’ father, Charles Sinclair. Gilles Geary and Florence Guy will play Ted Wheeler and Karen Childress, while Maisie Norma Seaton will step into the shoes of Claudia Henderson, Dustin’s mom. The play will also introduce some characters we haven’t seen on screen, including Shane Attwooll as Chief Hopper, Ella Caruna Williams as Patty Newby, Max Harwood as Allen Munson, Kemi Awoderu as Sue Anderson, Matthew Pidgeon as Father Newby, and Calum Ross as Walter Henderson. There’s even a mystery surrounding additional cast members whose roles are yet to be unveiled.

Directed by Stephen Daldry with co-direction by Justin Martin, and with a script penned by series writer Kate Trefry, ‘The First Shadow’ promises to be an enchanting exploration of the Stranger Things universe. Daldry and Martin shared their excitement:

“With rehearsals now underway, it’s a joy to discover the world of Stranger Things: The First Shadow with our ferociously talented cast and watch the alchemy amongst our entire company grow as we together explore this new play. They’re an extraordinarily gifted group of actors, and we can’t wait to share this origin story with audiences.”

Mark your calendars, Stranger Things enthusiasts! ‘The First Shadow’ will grace the stage at the Phoenix Theatre starting November 17. Tickets are already up for grabs, so secure your spot in the front row. Until then, take a peek at the fresh cast images below and prepare to embark on a thrilling journey back to Hawkins, where mysteries and monsters await.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Stranger Things play

Q: When does ‘Stranger Things: The First Shadow’ play premiere?

A: ‘Stranger Things: The First Shadow’ is set to premiere on November 17.

Q: Who are the actors playing Joyce Byers and Jim Hopper Jr. in the play?

A: Isabella Pappas will portray Joyce Byers, and Jim Hopper Jr. will be played by Oscar Lloyd.

Q: Are there new characters introduced in the play?

A: Yes, in addition to fan favorites, the play will introduce new characters, adding depth to the Stranger Things universe.

Q: Who is directing ‘The First Shadow’?

A: The play is directed by Stephen Daldry with co-direction by Justin Martin.

Q: How can I get tickets for ‘The First Shadow’?

A: Tickets for ‘The First Shadow’ are already available for purchase. You can secure your spot at the Phoenix Theatre.

Q: Is this play an origin story for some of the characters?

A: Yes, ‘The First Shadow’ delves into the early days of characters like Hopper, Joyce, Bob, Henry, and Dr. Brenner, providing an origin story for them.

Q: What is the setting of ‘The First Shadow’?

A: The play is set in Hawkins in 1959, two decades before the events of the Stranger Things series.

Q: Who wrote the script for the play?

A: The script for ‘The First Shadow’ was written by series writer Kate Trefry, with input from the Duffer brothers and Jack Thorne.

Q: Are there any surprise cast members with undisclosed roles?

A: Yes, there are additional cast members whose roles have not been revealed, adding an element of mystery to the production.

Q: What can fans of Stranger Things expect from ‘The First Shadow’?

A: Fans can anticipate a time-traveling adventure, a deeper exploration of familiar characters, and the introduction of new and intriguing faces in the world of Hawkins.

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