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Super Mario Bros. Movie Sets New Record with $204 Million Domestic Box Office Take

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The Super Mario Bros. Movie, made by Universal, is doing really well in the box office! On Saturday it made $56 million and it’s projected to get another $36 million today, which would put its 5-day opening at an amazing $204 million. People originally thought the movie would only make about $130 million over 5 days when it first came out.

Super Mario is a movie that lots of people want to see – kids, adults, everyone! At the theaters lately, Puss in Boots was the only fun movie for children and it made nearly $480 million all around the world. But Super Mario is expected to make way more money than that – a predicted $377 million right off the bat worldwide! That means this movie being really successful and might even make over 1 billion dollars eventually.

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Super Mario, a video game adaptation, had a release of $31 million on Wednesday, $26 million on Thursday, and $55 million on Friday. It made the most money out of any other movie this year (more than Ant-Man and The Wasp:Quantumania) and also became the biggest five-day opening for an Illumination movie – bigger than Despicable Me 2’s opening. Super Mario is now the top grossing film this year, holding more money than Quantumania’s total amount!

The new animation movie based on the classic video game franchise called ‘Super Mario Bros.’ just broke the biggest IMAX record for an animated show. It made $21.6 million in global earnings, and $16 million of those came from over 400 theaters here in America! Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic did a great job directing this brand-new version of Super Mario Bros., although this isn’t the first time it was adapted for a film – one came out back in 1993, too.

John Wick

John Wick: Chapter 4 has earned a lot of money in its third weekend, with $14.6 million. That brings the total domestic earnings to nearly $150 million, and the movie is still trying to beat the numbers from John Wick 3 ($171 million in the US and $327 million around the world). It’s competing with this week’s Air and last week’s Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves for top spot at theaters.

Dungeons & Dragons has not been doing really well. It made about $14.5 million in its second weekend and only $62 million so far. Even though many people like this fantasy movie, it doesn’t look likely to make a big profit because it was expensive to make ($150 million) and did not have famous actors in the cast.

Ben Affleck’s Air, a movie about how Nike managed to sign Michael Jordan, came in fourth place. People liked the movie a lot, so Amazon changed their plan from streaming it directly and instead put it in theaters. On the traditional Friday-Sunday weekend, Air made $14.4 million, but it earned over $20 million overall once its midweek debut for Super Mario ended. Scream VI was fifth with an earning of $3.3 million on its fifth weekend. Its domestic gross is now at $103 million which makes it the most profitable film of the franchise domestically (in America).

For a while, Super Mario will be the best movie on the big screen! Don’t forget to watch our interview with Chris Pratt and Charlie Day who star in Super Mario. Keep checking FilmSweep for more news about Super Mario until Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 comes out in May!

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