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Supergirl Takes Flight With New ‘The Flash’ Action Figure From Hot Toys

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Supergirl action figure

Introducing the New Supergirl Action Figure from Hot Toys, Soaring Alongside ‘The Flash

Despite the divisive nature of ‘The Flash’ film among comic book fans and its struggles at the box office, there’s no denying the presence of captivating characters and memorable moments in this time-traveling adventure from the DC universe. While Michael Keaton’s Batman stole the spotlight, Sasha Calle made a lasting impression on audiences with her debut as Supergirl. Now, Sideshow Collectibles is proud to unveil their latest addition to the Hot Toys lineup: a Supergirl action figure based on her appearance in ‘The Flash.’

Check out the mesmerizing details of this 1/6 scale figure that will surely delight fans of ‘The Flash.’ To begin with, the figure boasts a newly crafted head sculpt capturing Calle’s likeness, along with a unique body design that Hot Toys has exclusively created for this figure, enhancing its articulation. This enables Supergirl to effortlessly strike her iconic poses without any strain on the figure. Additionally, the figure features meticulously sculpted hair, eye-rolling joints, and an LED-lit figure stand adorned with Supergirl’s logo. Of course, the crowning glory of this DC hero lies in her iconic costume. Her Flash supersuit stands out due to its clever use of the renowned red and blue color scheme. The predominantly blue bodysuit is elevated by the vibrant red shoulder and neck area, while the red stripe running down the sleeves adds a nice touch. Notably, the inclusion of the Henry Cavill-style Man of Steel “S” symbol pays homage to past films, firmly establishing this suit within the universe crafted by Zack Snyder. With its unique additions, this costume easily ranks among the best ever seen in DC’s illustrious history.

What Role Does Supergirl Play in ‘The Flash’?

In ‘The Flash,’ Barry Allen embarks on a journey through time to save his mother’s life. However, this heroic act sets off a chain reaction, resulting in an alternate timeline devoid of meta-humans, where Keaton replaces Ben Affleck as Batman, and no heroes stand against General Zod’s invasion. Perhaps the most significant change is the replacement of Cavill’s Superman with Calle’s Supergirl. Drawing inspiration from the Flashpoint comic that inspired the film, Supergirl assumes the role of a Kryptonian who was captured by the government and left for dead.

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‘The Flash’: Ranking the Main Characters by Power

While Supergirl’s role in the film may be relatively limited, primarily appearing in the latter half, Calle’s portrayal leaves a lasting impact, thanks to her understated charm and a handful of breathtaking moments. Whether she’s soaring through stormy skies, aiding Barry in regaining his powers, or discovering the tragic fate of baby Kal-El at the hands of Zod, Calle truly embraced her super-powered assignment. ‘The Flash’ may spark endless debates among fans for months to come, but one thing is undeniable: Supergirl was undeniably awesome. The Girl of Steel will soon be featured in her own movie titled ‘Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow,’ part of James Gunn’s rebooted DC Universe. While it remains unclear if Calle will reprise her role in that film, the actress has met with Peter Safran, the co-head of DC Studios, to discuss her future within the DC universe. It would be a real shame if Calle doesn’t get another opportunity to portray this iconic hero, especially considering her limited appearance in ‘The Flash.’

The Flash’s Momentum Slows Down

Despite ‘The Flash’ currently struggling at the box office and barely recouping its $200 million production budget, it deserves more credit as a film than it’s been given. Alongside Keaton’s Dark Knight and Supergirl, the Scarlet Speedster continues to race through theaters. Get a glimpse of Calle’s remarkable Supergirl Hot Toy below, and be sure to pre-order the figure from Sideshow’s website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Supergirl action figure

What is the Supergirl action figure from Hot Toys based on?

The Supergirl action figure from Hot Toys is based on Supergirl’s appearance in the film ‘The Flash.’

What scale is the Supergirl action figure?

The Supergirl action figure is in the 1/6 scale.

What are some notable features of the Supergirl action figure?

The figure includes a newly developed head sculpt based on Sasha Calle’s likeness, enhanced articulation, sculpted hair, eye-rolling joints, and an LED-lit figure stand with Supergirl’s logo.

Does the Supergirl action figure come with Supergirl’s iconic costume?

Yes, the figure comes with Supergirl’s Flash supersuit, featuring a predominantly blue bodysuit, red shoulder and neck area, red stripes on the sleeves, and the Henry Cavill-style Man of Steel “S” symbol.

What role does Supergirl play in ‘The Flash’?

In ‘The Flash,’ Supergirl replaces Superman in an alternate timeline created by Barry Allen’s time-traveling actions. She takes on the role of a Kryptonian captured by the government and left for dead.

Will Sasha Calle reprise her role as Supergirl in future DC movies?

While it’s uncertain if Sasha Calle will return as Supergirl in future films, she has met with DC Studio’s co-head, Peter Safran, to discuss her future in the DC universe.

Can I pre-order the Supergirl action figure?

Yes, the Supergirl action figure can be pre-ordered from Sideshow’s website.

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