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Sweat With Chris Hemsworth With These Weird ‘Extraction 2’ Billboards

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Experience the Intensity of ‘Extraction 2’ with These Unconventional Billboards

Starring in an action-packed movie takes a toll on the body – dodging bullets and leaping off buildings can make anyone break a sweat. Well, the marketing team behind Netflix’s Extraction 2 is capitalizing on that idea by introducing interactive “sweating” billboards in New York and Los Angeles. These billboards offer pedestrians a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with Chris Hemsworth, who portrays Tyler Rake in the film. People can feel the simulated sweat dripping from his face, providing them with a taste of the exhilarating action that awaits in the movie.

Directed by Sam Hargrave, Extraction 2 puts both its central character and Hemsworth himself through the wringer. The star performed many of his own stunts, and the film heavily relies on practical effects. It’s only fitting, then, that the unconventional marketing approach reflects the demanding physical nature of the movie. Marian Lee, Netflix’s Chief Marketing Officer, explains, “the movie is adrenaline-packed. We really think about testing new things. We have traditional billboards, too. But the sweaty billboards were great.” The sweating effect is achieved by using lasers to create pores on Hemsworth’s character’s forehead, allowing water to be pumped through from behind the billboard at a specific pressure and frequency to imitate sweat.

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These billboards have been strategically placed along sidewalks to engage pedestrians passing by. Lee further emphasizes the desire to provide interactive elements for fans, stating, “fans want elements where they can interact. They want to interact with talent, but they want to participate with interactive and photographable moments. It’s really important to have tangible things that fans can do.” This marketing campaign aims to offer fans an interactive and immersive experience, especially considering that the first Extraction film was released during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic when such interactivity was impossible. Lee acknowledges, “we weren’t able to do that much because the world was on lockdown.” She also highlights Hemsworth’s active involvement in the marketing process, mentioning how he contributes ideas and improves upon them, making them funnier and more engaging.

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Extraction 2 Strikes a Chord

Whatever strategies Netflix has employed in promoting Extraction 2 have undeniably paid off. The film has become the biggest Netflix movie debut of the year and the most-watched title of the week, attracting an estimated audience of 42.8 million within the first three days of its release. Critics have also responded positively, with the movie currently holding a 77% score on the review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes. Riding on the success of the film, Extraction 3 is reportedly already in early development, and Hemsworth himself has expressed great enthusiasm for the project.

Extraction 2 is now available for streaming on Netflix. Watch the film’s trailer below:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about interactive billboards

What is the concept behind the “sweating” billboards for Extraction 2?

The “sweating” billboards for Extraction 2 are an innovative marketing approach that allows pedestrians to get up close and personal with Chris Hemsworth’s character. The billboards simulate sweat dripping from his face, providing a taste of the high-octane action in the film.

How were the sweating effects created on the billboards?

To create the sweating effects, lasers were used to cut holes into the forehead of Chris Hemsworth’s character on the billboard. Water is then pumped through these artificial pores from behind the board, simulating the consistency of sweat.

Where can I find these interactive billboards?

The interactive “sweating” billboards for Extraction 2 are located in New York and Los Angeles. They have been deliberately placed along sidewalks to allow pedestrians to interact with them while walking by.

Why did Netflix choose to use interactive billboards for the marketing campaign?

Netflix wanted to provide fans with interactive and tangible experiences. The billboards allow people to engage with the talent and participate in photographable moments, enhancing their connection to the film and its action-packed content.

How successful has the marketing campaign for Extraction 2 been?

The marketing campaign for Extraction 2 has been highly successful. The film achieved the biggest Netflix movie debut of the year, with an estimated audience of 42.8 million within the first three days of release. It has also received positive reviews from critics and has garnered significant audience attention.

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