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Swifties Cause AMC App Meltdown in Rush for ‘Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour’ Tickets

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The AMC App found itself in the eye of a technological storm as hordes of enthusiastic Taylor Swift fans swarmed it to snag tickets for her concert film. While the glitches have been smoothed out, some devoted fans are nursing a sense of disappointment.
The saga of The Eras Tour has, unfortunately, not been without its technological troubles, as evidenced by the earlier Ticketmaster crash when the concert tickets themselves were up for grabs.
Even with proactive upgrades to its ticketing infrastructure, AMC found itself outmatched by the sheer army of eager fans.

The month of August didn’t just tick away like a fleeting moment for the tech team responsible for the AMC app. It was hit by a wave of die-hard Taylor Swift fans, all scrambling to purchase tickets for the newly announced concert film chronicling the superstar’s groundbreaking journey through The Eras Tour. This ongoing tour extravaganza is set to roll on well into the next year. With the app now back in action, it seems they’ve managed to navigate through the storm. However, the fans who missed out on securing tickets for their desired dates might just harbor some “bad blood” towards the app.

Those looking to score tickets for The Eras Tour—or any other cinematic treat, for that matter—were met with a blunt message announcing the temporary unavailability of online reservations due to the overwhelming demand. The solution? They were advised to visit their local AMC Theatre in person to secure their seats—a truly unprecedented display of fan frenzy.

The Eras Tour seems to have a knack for causing technical turmoil on a global scale. When the actual show tickets were up for grabs, Ticketmaster crashed in numerous countries, with North America leading the pack in the chaotic ticket rush. During the initial tour sale, a staggering fourteen million users—both human and automated bots—tried their luck at purchasing tickets. The company’s chairperson confirmed this astonishing number, and a blog post from Ticketmaster highlighted that the presale traffic during this phase outshone all previous records, surpassing them by a whopping fourfold. To meet such an extraordinary demand, Taylor Swift would have to put on a mind-boggling “over 900 stadium shows” (that’s almost 20 times the number of shows she’s actually performing), according to a statement from Ticketmaster at the time.

A Tide of Swifties Sweeps In
Image via Taylor Swift

Ironically, the deluge of traffic that led to a network meltdown was something AMC had seemingly anticipated when they joined the fray. In a slightly smug tone, AMC proudly mentioned that it had revamped its ticketing infrastructure to handle more than five times the usual surge of ticket-buying activity—an unprecedented measure aimed at ensuring that anyone who desires a ticket can secure one. Alas, the tidal wave of Swifties proved to be a force beyond reckoning, bringing down AMC’s digital defenses.

Swift herself took to Instagram to announce The Eras Tour’s big-screen debut, urging her loyal fans to don their finest Eras-themed attire and friendship bracelets. The singer made it unequivocally clear that not only would singing and dancing be permitted during screenings, but they would be wholeheartedly encouraged.

Tickets for the concert film are now up for grabs, priced at $19.89 for adults and a cool $13.13 for seniors and youngsters. The race is on to snag your own tickets; the battle for a spot in the theater seats has begun. You can try your luck and purchase tickets right here. To get a taste of what awaits, check out the film’s trailer below:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Concert Film Demand

What caused the AMC App technical issues during Taylor Swift’s concert film release?

The high demand for tickets to Taylor Swift’s history-making The Eras Tour concert film overwhelmed the AMC App’s infrastructure, leading to temporary technical glitches.

Has The Eras Tour faced previous technological problems?

Yes, The Eras Tour has experienced tech troubles before. During the actual concert ticket sale, Ticketmaster crashed in multiple countries, including North America, due to unprecedented demand.

How did AMC prepare for the high traffic of Swifties seeking tickets?

AMC had upgraded its ticketing infrastructure in anticipation of the surge in demand caused by devoted Taylor Swift fans, also known as Swifties.

Can fans still get tickets for The Eras Tour concert film?

Yes, tickets for the concert film are available for purchase. They can be secured at the specified price points, catering to adults, seniors, and kids.

What can fans expect during The Eras Tour concert film screenings?

Fans are encouraged to come dressed in Eras attire, adorned with friendship bracelets. Singing and dancing along during the screenings are not only allowed but strongly encouraged, as emphasized by Taylor Swift herself.

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