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‘Talk to Me’ Sequel Summoned by A24

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A24 has teamed up with Danny and Michael Philippou to create a sequel to the hit film “Talk to Me,” appropriately titled “Talk 2 Me.” The original movie’s success, evidenced by its impressive $22 million box office earnings, has prompted this collaboration. Surpassing other horror films like “Midsommar” and “Bodies Bodies Bodies,” “Talk to Me” has proven to be a major success.

The Philippou brothers, who directed the first film, are set to direct the sequel as well as having already filmed a prequel centered around characters Cole and Duckett. This dynamic duo is once again partnering with A24 for this highly anticipated sequel. “Talk 2 Me” is penned by Danny Philippou and Bill Hinzman, while direction will be a joint effort between Danny and Michael Philippou. This decision to create a sequel was a natural one considering the film’s triumph. Even before the initial release of “Talk to Me,” Danny Philippou had revealed his inclination to write scenes for a potential sequel due to the compelling storylines.

A24 acquired the Australian horror film following its showcase in Sundance’s Midnight section, investing a substantial sum to secure its distribution rights. With domestic box office earnings of $22 million and counting, the film has become one of A24’s highest-grossing horror ventures. Remarkably, within its first 11 days, “Talk to Me” has surpassed the earnings of notable horror films like “Midsommar” and “Bodies Bodies Bodies,” and it’s on track to outperform “The Witch.” While it has not yet reached the peak earnings of A24’s top horror film, “Hereditary,” which concluded at $44 million domestically, “Talk to Me” continues to perform exceptionally.

The film was met with enthusiastic acclaim, garnering strong reviews from critics like Chase Hutchison of FilmSweep, who awarded the movie a B+ rating. Hutchison highlighted the film’s visceral horror and its ability to use possession as a tool to heighten the intensity. The Philippou brothers effectively delivered stomach-churning moments that captivated audiences with their cinematic madness.

Beyond the sequel, the directors have even more exciting plans. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, they unveiled that a prequel focusing on brothers Cole (Ari McCarthy) and Duckett (Sunny Johnson) has already been filmed.

As updates on “Talk 2 Me” emerge, FilmSweep will keep audiences informed. Meanwhile, “Talk to Me” is currently being screened in theaters, and the movie’s trailer is available for viewing.

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