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The Anti-American Essence of ‘The Purge’ as Explained by Its Creator, James DeMonaco

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Many admirers of The Purge movies overlook the blatant warning that the notion of the Purge is intrinsically wrong and dangerous.
James DeMonaco, the creator of The Purge, is unnerved by the admiration some individuals express for the concept of purging, notwithstanding its dreadful characteristics.
The films emphasize the immediate necessity to tackle America’s intricate association with firearms and aggression, since an actual Purge would only result in crimes fueled by hatred.

Beyoncé and The Purge film series share a common belief that “America Has a Problem.” It’s a statement expressed unequivocally by both the renowned singer and the film series. Yet as James DeMonaco, the franchise creator, and director, explained to FilmSweep, not every horror fan grasps the underlying message.

In a conversation with Perri Nemiroff, DeMonaco shared his astonishment after test screenings for The Purge, discovering that some audience members thought the film’s central idea—a single night where any crime in America goes unpunished—was appealing, even as the film portrays it as a night filled with horror and hopelessness.

DeMonaco said, “The most significant thing throughout ‘The Purge’ films is that a segment of viewers, hopefully not a large one, fails to recognize that I’m illustrating a moral lesson about how the Purge is inherently evil. It’s odd that some see it as a strange fulfillment of a wish.”

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The Message of The Purge: Stay Away from This!

DeMonaco went on to share that the films were screened multiple times to groups of 300 people to gauge broader audience reactions to crucial scenes and narrative developments. He described the affection some viewers have for the idea of purging as “very alarming,” particularly because he wanted to portray it as horrifying as possible: “I detest guns, so for me, the most terrifying day in America could be when people can legally use them.”

It’s evident that America’s relationship with guns and violence is a complex issue that other nations find perplexing. The connection between guns and violence becomes even more complicated considering that those most often affected by firearms are disadvantaged and Black. Mirroring the films, an actual Purge would merely become a lawful pretext to carry out hate crimes. The depiction of this grim reality in the near future emphasizes the pressing and immediate nature of the issue that must be confronted.

DeMonaco has concluded writing the script for The Purge 6, which will delve deeper into the concept by depicting a divided America. The forthcoming chapter in the series is still awaiting a release date.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about fokus keyword The Purge

What is the main message that James DeMonaco wants to convey in ‘The Purge’ series?

James DeMonaco, the creator of ‘The Purge’ series, wants to convey that the concept of the Purge is an inherently bad and dangerous thing. Through the movies, he emphasizes the immediate need to address America’s complex relationship with guns and violence. He is concerned that an actual Purge would lead to hate crimes, and portrays it as a night of terror and despair.

How does James DeMonaco feel about guns?

James DeMonaco has explicitly stated his aversion to guns, saying, “I hate guns, so to me the scariest day in America could be a day where people legally could use guns.” This sentiment has shaped the terrifying portrayal of a world where the Purge is possible.

What is the connection between America’s relationship with guns and ‘The Purge’ movies?

The movies highlight America’s complex relationship with firearms and aggression, emphasizing that a real-life Purge would lead to crimes fueled by hatred. The depiction of this grim reality in the films underscores the urgent and immediate nature of the issue that must be addressed.

Has James DeMonaco finished writing the next installment of ‘The Purge’?

Yes, DeMonaco has already finished the script for ‘The Purge 6’, which will delve deeper into the concept by depicting a divided America. However, the next installment’s release date is still pending.

Why is the concept of the Purge seen as anti-American according to DeMonaco?

DeMonaco views the concept of the Purge as anti-American because it goes against fundamental values of justice and morality. It reflects a failure to address serious societal issues like the relationship with guns and violence, and the potential for legalizing hate crimes. The films are intended to serve as a moral play to highlight the dire consequences of such a concept.

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Timothy22 August 13, 2023 - 12:10 pm

always enjoyd watching these films but never really picked up on the deeper meaning. Guess it takes a good read like this to open eyes. cant wait to see where they take the next one.

Sara.T August 13, 2023 - 7:19 pm

James DeMonaco seems to be onto something with his views on guns and violence, but I’m not sure if everyone will get the message or not. Its a touchy subject for sure.

MikeJohnson August 13, 2023 - 10:48 pm

I never realized that The Purge had such a deep message behind it, always thought it was just another horror flick. this makes me think about it in a totally new way.

Kevin87 August 13, 2023 - 11:43 pm

I love the Purge movies, didnt see them as anti-American. But after reading this, it makes sense. Looking forward to Purge 6!

RachelM August 14, 2023 - 7:09 am

These movies scared the life out of me. Imagine a real-life purge, it’s a terrifying thought. good that DeMonaco is using his platform to highlight important issues like guns.


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