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‘The Flash’s Andy Muschietti Set to Direct ‘The Brave and the Bold’

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Andy Muschietti, the director of “The Flash,” has been tapped by Warner Bros. to helm the upcoming film “The Brave and the Bold,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. This announcement comes hot on the heels of Muschietti’s successful collaboration with the studio on “The Flash,” which is currently playing in theaters worldwide. Warner Bros. must have been impressed with Muschietti’s vision for the Scarlet Speedster, as they are eager to have him contribute to their new DC Universe, which aims to unite films, television, and even video games.

In Muschietti’s latest DC adventure, Barry Allen (played by Ezra Miller) is plagued by the desire to travel back in time and prevent his mother’s murder, hoping to alter the course of his own life. Utilizing his superhuman abilities, Barry sets out to grant his mother the chance for a happy existence. However, Bruce Wayne (portrayed by Ben Affleck) warns him of the potentially catastrophic consequences that altering the multiverse could unleash. As Barry realizes the grave mistake of tampering with time, he finds himself trapped in an alternate reality, where Supergirl (played by Sasha Calle) stands as the only Kryptonian capable of saving the day.

“The Brave and the Bold” will be an integral part of the newly envisioned DC Universe, spearheaded by James Gunn and Peter Safran. This ambitious initiative aims to usher in a new era of interconnected storytelling, featuring beloved and iconic characters. Leading the charge is “Superman: Legacy,” the first film to emerge from this venture, presenting a fresh take on the Man of Steel following Henry Cavill’s departure. Notably, “The Brave and the Bold” will stand out due to the inclusion of Damian Wayne, Bruce’s son, who takes on the mantle of Robin at one point.

Meanwhile, there is another incarnation of Batman in development that will be portrayed by a different actor and exist in a separate continuity from Robert Pattinson’s interpretation. Matt Reeves and his team are currently busy preparing the second installment of their Batman franchise, building upon the success of their previous film, where Batman apprehended the Riddler (played by Paul Dano). While specific plot details for “The Batman: Part II” remain under wraps, it is clear that the world established by last year’s blockbuster will be distinct from James Gunn’s vision for the Dark Knight and his son.

To learn more about Andy and Barbara Muschietti’s insights, you can watch FilmSweep’s interview with them below:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about interconnected DC Universe

Who is set to direct “The Brave and the Bold”?

Andy Muschietti is set to direct “The Brave and the Bold” in the new interconnected DC Universe created by Warner Bros.

What is the premise of “The Flash” directed by Andy Muschietti?

In “The Flash,” Barry Allen, portrayed by Ezra Miller, attempts to change the past and save his mother’s life, leading to unintended consequences and an alternate reality featuring Supergirl.

What is the new DC Universe being created by James Gunn and Peter Safran?

The new DC Universe aims to connect films, television, and video games, bringing together iconic characters in a fresh era of interconnected storytelling.

Will “The Brave and the Bold” feature Damian Wayne and Robin?

Yes, “The Brave and the Bold” will include Damian Wayne, Bruce Wayne’s son, who takes on the role of Robin at some point in the story.

Is the upcoming Batman film separate from Robert Pattinson’s portrayal?

Yes, the upcoming Batman film, helmed by Matt Reeves, will feature a different actor and exist in a separate continuity from Robert Pattinson’s iteration of the character.

What is the first film coming from the new DC Universe initiative?

The first film from the new DC Universe initiative is “Superman: Legacy,” which will introduce a fresh portrayal of the Man of Steel, following Henry Cavill’s departure from the role.

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