In Scream VI, we were introduced to a new twist – three Ghostface killers! These three killers are actually part of the same family who are trying to avenge the death of their enemy from Scream VI. During an interview, star Liana Liberato let us know that the whole cast talked about how the Bailey family in Scream VI worked together and it helped her become more realistic with her role as one of the killers.

In Scream VI, Liberato plays Quinn Bailey who is the daughter of Detective Bailey (Dermot Mulroney). While Detective Bailey looks like a law enforcer on the outside, he’s actually the one behind Ghostface’s murdering spree. This keeps people’s attention until the final battle that takes place in Scream VI. Even though the movie doesn’t explain what happened to the Baileys before all this craziness began, Liberato reveals that Dermot Mulroney made up some stories to give motivation for their characters’ actions in the movie. To put it simply:

We all discussed a bit and with Dermot’s ideas, it was fun creating the world. I thought about Quinn’s motives and figured that he might have been the middle child – Richie (the oldest), me in the middle and Ethan being the youngest. I believe Quinn looked up to Richie and tried to protect him.

The directors of ‘Scream VI’ are discussing which character names in the movie are real and which aren’t.

The Love and Sadness Behind Quinn’s Rage

The cast of Scream VI had a lot of discussions on set, which helped actressLiberato give her character Quinn more personality. The movie doesn’t tell us too much about Quinn’s past, but Liberato has an understanding about why she started slashing away – as Liberato would say it:

“When I portrayed the killer, I wanted to make sure it wasn’t too outrageous. I tried my best for Quinn’s anger to come from her great love and sadness for her brother. I was trying to show that Ghostface killers still have some sort of humanity deep down. People will understand this better when they get a deeper look into how Richie was part of the family and how much pride Dermot has in him.”

Liberato said that Mulroney was very involved in making the Baileys’ decisions, and did an amazing job with one of his impromptu lines. This line was a great way to explain the family dynamics, while also being very funny. Liberato appreciated this work.

“One of the funny and memorable lines that Dermot said was ‘There’s nothing like a father’s love for his first son’, which makes us all laugh because it resonated with Ethan. It gives us an idea about what kind of family we were. Playing with that was so enjoyable!”

Scream VI is doing really well at the movies! We had a chance to talk to Liberato about it. Check out what he said below.

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