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‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Lands a 4K UHD Release

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‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Unveils 4K UHD Release Date

Prepare for an early Christmas surprise or a delightful pre-Halloween treat! The long-awaited 4K UHD Blu-ray version of “The Nightmare Before Christmas” has finally announced its release date. Fans can look forward to adding the highly anticipated “ultimate collector’s edition” to their shelves on August 22, just in time for the spooky season. While the specifics of what makes it the “ultimate” edition remain unclear, this two-disc set is expected to include bonus material, which will likely be disclosed at a later date.


The captivating artwork prominently showcases the Pumpkin King himself, Jack Skellington, with his haunting smile, impeccably tailored suit, and quirky bat-shaped bowtie. Behind him, a full moon ascends above the pumpkin patch, while his loyal ghost dog, Zero, soars through the sky. With the addition of Dolby Atmos sound, this release guarantees a breathtaking viewing experience of Henry Selick’s exquisite stop-motion animation and the enchanting musical compositions by Danny Elfman, ensuring your living room is filled with delight.

Directed by Selick and based on a story by Tim Burton, “The Nightmare Before Christmas” narrates the tale of Jack Skellington (voiced by Chris Sarandon and Elfman), a highly respected resident of Halloweentown who stumbles upon Christmastown through a portal. This discovery reveals a world beyond the realm of spooky creatures and jump scares. Determined to infuse his own world with joyous holiday spirit, Jack abducts Santa Claus (voiced by Ed Ivory) and assumes his identity. However, not everyone is pleased with the idea of Christmas cheer, as a mischievous team led by Oogie Boogie (voiced by Ken Page) has their own sinister plans.

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Who Else Stars in ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’?

In addition to Elfman’s melodic tunes and Sarandon’s voice acting, the film features a talented cast, including Catherine O’Hara (Schitt’s Creek), William Hickey (National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation), Paul Reubens (Pee-wee’s Big Adventure), Glenn Shadix (Beetlejuice), and Frank Welker (Scooby-Doo).

Originally released in 1993, “The Nightmare Before Christmas” stood apart from other animated Disney films of its time due to its darker themes. Despite initially polarizing audiences, it ultimately gained a dedicated following and achieved cult classic status. Fans will be thrilled to learn that this beloved film is finally receiving the 4K UHD release it has long deserved.

Watch the trailer for “The Nightmare Before Christmas” below and stay tuned for more information and updates regarding the film’s 4K UHD release on August 22.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about 4K UHD Blu-ray release

When will “The Nightmare Before Christmas” 4K UHD release be available?

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” 4K UHD release is scheduled to be available on August 22.

What is included in the “ultimate collector’s edition”?

The “ultimate collector’s edition” of “The Nightmare Before Christmas” includes a two-disc set, but specific details about its contents have not been announced yet.

What makes this 4K UHD release special?

This 4K UHD release of “The Nightmare Before Christmas” offers stunning visuals, immersive Dolby Atmos sound, and is expected to come with bonus material, enhancing the viewing experience for fans.

Who directed “The Nightmare Before Christmas”?

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” was directed by Henry Selick, based on a story by Tim Burton.

Who are some of the voice actors in the film?

The film features voice acting from Chris Sarandon, Danny Elfman, Catherine O’Hara, William Hickey, Paul Reubens, Glenn Shadix, and Frank Welker, among others.

When was “The Nightmare Before Christmas” originally released?

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” was initially released in 1993.

Why is “The Nightmare Before Christmas” considered a cult classic?

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” stands out from other animated Disney films due to its darker themes. Although it initially polarized audiences, it gained a dedicated following over time, earning its status as a cult classic.

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moviebuff1990 July 2, 2023 - 11:10 pm

omg cant wait for nightmare b4 christmas 4k uhd!! its gonna be sooo amazin! jack skellington is so kool & the songs r rad. gotta get my hands on that collectors edishon!

horrorfan123 July 3, 2023 - 4:23 am

finallyyyyyyy!!!! the nightmare b4 xmas in 4k!!! gonna b awsum 2 c all da details in da stop-motion animation. can’t wait 2 hear elfman’s tunes in surround sound! pump’d 4 spooky season now!

DisneyFanatic July 3, 2023 - 4:36 pm

OMG! The Nightmare Before Christmas is getting the ultimate collector’s edition! Gonna add it 2 my Disney Blu-ray collection. The artwork looks stunning & can’t wait 2 c it in 4K UHD! Disney magic at its best!


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