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‘The Purge 6’ Will Remap America Into States Based on Ideology, Sexuality & Religion

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Fractured America

‘The Purge 6’ Envisions a Fragmented America Divided by Ideology, Sexuality & Religion

Regardless of your personal opinion on The Purge film series, it is undeniable that the franchise delivers a strong social commentary on violence, legislation, and society’s inclination to tackle problems without truly resolving them. This underlying theme remains at the core of each movie, and in a recent interview with Perri Nemiroff from FilmSweep, director and screenwriter James DeMonaco revealed that The Purge 6 will take this concept to an even more foreboding level.

In the interview, DeMonaco described The Purge 6 as an embodiment of a “nightmarish version” of America. It aims to reflect the pressing issues we face today, as well as the absurd ideas that inundate us through the news and social media. DeMonaco stated:

“‘Purge 6’ serves as my examination of the current state of our country. Growing up, I was influenced by films like ‘Logan’s Run,’ ‘Soylent Green,’ and the works of John Carpenter and George Romero, whose films cleverly conveyed sociopolitical messages. They ingeniously smuggled ideas into their storytelling. With the sixth installment, I aimed to extrapolate on the discord and push it to its limits, encapsulating the current climate in our country’s political landscape. The result is a fractured America. We are remapping it. ‘The Purge 6’ delves into the remapping of America based on ideology, sexuality, and religion, causing the states to disintegrate. We witness the emergence of a Black state, a gay state, and a white evangelical state, representing a deeply divided nation.”

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The Chilling Concept of Purge 6 Draws from Our Reality

As the interview continued, DeMonaco shared his thoughts on the unsettling notion that some individuals, such as Republican politician Marjorie Taylor Greene, actually desire a divided America, as it would suppress dialogue and breed conflict. DeMonaco expressed his disbelief, stating, “It’s strange to me that Marjorie Taylor Greene—without delving into further details—recently expressed a wish for such an America. To me, that would be the most nightmarish version, contradicting the very essence of what America stands for.” Drawing from his personal experiences growing up in New York, DeMonaco emphasized the importance of embracing diversity, with a vision of a country represented by a multitude of faces, religions, and sexualities. Unfortunately, he acknowledged that not everyone shares this perspective. He elaborated, “She [Greene] doesn’t see it that way. Hence, there exists a segment within the body politic that opposes this ideal, and that’s what Purge 6 explores.” DeMonaco concluded by stating that his upcoming film will showcase the chaos of a divided society:

“That’s precisely what Purge 6 embodies. It portrays a broken America undergoing remapping, with one state chosen to continue the purge. This is where the events of the film unfold.”

‘The Purge 6’ is currently in its early stages of development, and audiences can anticipate the return of Frank Grillo to the franchise. For the full interview with DeMonaco conducted by Nemiroff, please refer to the video above. Additionally, you can watch the trailer for ‘The Purge: Election Year’ below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Fractured America

What is the premise of “The Purge 6”?

“The Purge 6” envisions a fractured America that is remapped based on ideology, sexuality, and religion, resulting in a deeply divided nation. The film explores the concept of a broken country where states are segregated into categories such as the Black state, the gay state, and the white evangelical state.

Is “The Purge 6” a continuation of the previous films in the franchise?

Yes, “The Purge 6” is the latest installment in “The Purge” film series. While it introduces a new and foreboding concept of a remapped America, it remains within the same universe and explores the social commentary on violence, legislation, and societal issues that the franchise is known for.

Who is involved in the production of “The Purge 6”?

“The Purge 6” is directed and written by James DeMonaco, the creator of “The Purge” franchise. Frank Grillo, who has appeared in previous films of the series, is expected to return. Other details about the cast and production are yet to be announced, as the film is currently in early development.

When can we expect to see “The Purge 6”?

As of now, specific release details for “The Purge 6” have not been announced. Since the film is still in early development, it may take some time before it hits theaters or streaming platforms. Fans of the franchise will have to stay tuned for further updates on the release date.

Does “The Purge 6” draw inspiration from real-world events?

Yes, “The Purge” franchise has always incorporated social commentary and drawn inspiration from real-world issues. In the case of “The Purge 6,” director James DeMonaco has stated that the film reflects the discord and political landscape of the country. It touches upon the current climate and addresses the idea of a divided America, which resonates with certain perspectives in our society today.

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