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‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ Earns Spectacular $283 Million at Domestic Box Office

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Universal’s The Super Mario Bros. Movie will still be in the first place for its second week at the theater after it made $22 million on Friday. It looks to make around $80 million this weekend, which is a drop from last week, but it did break some records during its opening.

The new Super Mario movie has made a lot of money! After only 10 days in the theaters, it has earned $283 million here in America and an incredible $500 million around the world. This Sunday, it will probably make even more – maybe around $340 million at home and an amazing total of $660 million globally. It’s now the most successful movie this year in America and it broke the record for the highest-grossing video game adaptation ever by surpassing Warcraft with its huge $439 million worldwide earnings.

Super Mario, an animated movie with Chris Pratt and Charlie Day starring as the famous plumbers brothers *Mario and Luigi*, has made a lot of money in its first five days after it released. It made $204 million dollars in the United States, which is way more than what people expected. The company behind it, Illumination (also known for creating popular movies like Despicable Me and Sing series), may make another billion-dollar franchise with this new movie.

This week, a few new movies will battle to grab one of the top spots on the movie charts. But the second-placed film almost certainly won’t get as many viewers as Super Mario’s. The runner-up seems to be The Pope’s Exorcist with Russell Crowe in it. On Friday, this movie earned $3.4 million and is projected to bring in between $8.5 – $9 million by Sunday.

Universal’s vampire comedy movie, Renfield starring Nicholas Hoult and Nicolas Cage is not doing as good as expected in the box office. It was expected to come in second place for this weekend but it will now only be third with estimated earnings of between $7 million and $8 million. On its first Friday, Renfield earned around $3.1 million including nearly a million from Thursday previews. Two competing films – John Wick: Chapter 4 and Air – which both made around $2.1 million on their first Friday have a chance at fourth and fifth spots. John Wick 4 has earned around $154 million so far while Air is likely to pass the $30 million mark by Sunday night.

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Makoto Shinkai’s new movie ‘Suzume’ is being released in more than 2,000 theaters across Japan and has made about $5 million so far. Its worldwide box-office collections have exceeded $250 million with over $100 million coming from China. At the same time, ‘Mafia Mamma’ by Bleecker Street is set to make less than $3 million during this weekend while Ari Aster’s latest film ‘Beau Is Afraid’ is going to break all records as it will average a gross of $80,000 per theater when it launches at four spots in Los Angeles and New York.

Super Mario is expected to stay popular until Guardians of Galaxy Vol. 3 comes out next month. You can watch an interview with the stars Hoult and Cage by clicking here and be sure to keep following FilmSweep for more information.

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