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The World’s Fate Hangs in the Balance with a Mystifying Pregnancy in ‘Deliver Us’ Trailer

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Religious Horror


‘Deliver Us’ is an unsettling religious horror movie that takes a fresh approach to the biblical account of the immaculate conception, presenting a gripping scenario in which a virgin gives birth to both the Messiah and the Anti-Christ. The trailer sets the tone for a turbulent conflict with the Vatican’s involvement, focusing on a pregnant nun’s struggle with the internal battle between her unborn twin sons. Viewers are in for a thrilling and suspense-laden experience that bears resemblance to other films in the supernatural horror genre, as evidenced by the trailer’s portrayal of the story and underlying themes.

The integration of religious elements into horror cinema has become a prominent and identifiable aspect of the genre. Themes such as the conflict between good and evil, the mysterious realms of the supernatural, and the perpetual fight for one’s soul find their roots in religious traditions, making them a suitable choice for horror storylines. Directors have frequently drawn from Christian beliefs to create dark and engaging stories, and their ongoing success attests to the audience’s unending fascination. ‘Deliver Us’ is poised to be a welcome addition to this cherished subgenre, and with its impending release, Magnolia Pictures has unveiled a trailer giving a glimpse of what viewers should anticipate.

‘Deliver Us’ creatively twists the renowned biblical tale of the immaculate conception, injecting a horrifying religious element. Although the main concept diverges from traditional biblical stories, the film crafts a narrative that enables the exploration of further biblical themes. Instead of the Messiah’s singular immaculate conception, ‘Deliver Us’ daringly envisions a virgin giving birth to two children: one the Messiah, the other his eternal adversary, the Anti-Christ.

The trailer hints at the subsequent chaos, becoming even more intriguing with the Vatican and a Catholic faction’s participation. In ‘Deliver Us” contemporary fictional world, an old prophecy foretells a woman bearing twin sons who will dramatically influence the world. The trailer features Sister Yulia, visibly tormented and heavily pregnant, battling both inner and outer pressures. The conflict between her unborn children is already causing her great distress. If the movie lives up to the trailer’s indications, spectators will encounter an experience filled with terror and suspense, much like what’s expected from the supernatural horror field.

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The Creators of ‘Deliver Us’

Cru Ennis and Lee Roy Kunz jointly directed ‘Deliver Us’, marking Ennis’ debut as a director. Kunz has previously directed films like ‘A Beer Tale’ and ‘Delirium’, and wrote the script alongside Kane Kunz. The cast includes Maria Vera Ratti as the Virgin Nun, along with Kunz, Aleksander Mikoš McCarthy, Hans Robert Varts, Alexander Siddig, Jaune Kimmel, and Thomas Kretschmann. ‘Deliver Us’ will make its debut at the 2023 Popcorn Frights Film Festival later this month and will be screened in select US theaters on September 29. Simultaneously, the film will be accessible on VOD.

See the trailer and official synopsis for ‘Deliver Us’ below:

“A remote convent’s nun claims an immaculate conception, prompting the Vatican to dispatch priests to probe the matter. Fears arise that an ancient prophecy may soon be realized: a woman giving birth to twin boys – one the Messiah, the other the Anti-Christ – with the ensuing clash deciding the world’s destiny.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Religious Horror

What is “Deliver Us” about?

“Deliver Us” is a religious horror film reimagining the story of the immaculate conception. It presents a scenario where a pregnant nun conceives both the Messiah and the Anti-Christ, leading to intense chaos and a battle between her unborn twin boys.

How does the Vatican get involved in the story?

The trailer indicates that the Vatican becomes involved as priests are dispatched to investigate the nun’s claim of immaculate conception. This involvement adds complexity and depth to the film’s plot.

What themes does the movie explore?

The movie delves into religious themes, the struggle between good and evil, and the supernatural. It draws from biblical narratives while putting a unique and chilling twist on the traditional story.

Who are the key figures behind “Deliver Us”?

“Deliver Us” is co-directed by Cru Ennis and Lee Roy Kunz. Ennis makes his directorial debut with this film, while Kunz has directed other works like “A Beer Tale” and “Delirium.” The screenplay was co-written by Kunz and Kane Kunz.

When and where does the movie take place?

“Deliver Us” is set in a contemporary fictional world and involves a remote convent. The film is scheduled to premiere at the 2023 Popcorn Frights Film Festival and will subsequently be released in select US theaters and on VOD.

What can viewers expect from the movie’s trailer?

The trailer promises a suspenseful and chilling experience, showcasing the turmoil within the pregnant nun as she grapples with the war between her unborn twin sons. The involvement of the Vatican and the clash of biblical forces add layers of intrigue to the story.

How does the movie relate to the horror genre?

“Deliver Us” is a religious horror film that combines elements of supernatural horror with religious lore. It taps into the classic battle between good and evil, making it a natural fit for the horror genre.

What makes “Deliver Us” unique within the horror genre?

The film’s unique twist on the biblical immaculate conception, along with the conflict between the Messiah and the Anti-Christ being born as twin brothers, sets it apart. The Vatican’s involvement adds a layer of realism to the supernatural narrative.

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horrorfan123 August 10, 2023 - 8:40 am

omg deliver us sounds cray cray!! pregnant nun with twins messiah & antichrist? vatican in the mix?? cant wait 4 chills

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deliver us trailer gave me shivers! preg nun, vatican, biblical twist – mind blown! defo catchin this horror flick!

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yo this ‘Deliver Us’ thing looks wild. virgin nun preggo wit twins? vatican drama? gonna b a intense ride!!


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