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‘TMNT: Mutant Mayhem’ Channels Turtle Power for Global Box Office Performance

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TMNT: Mutant Mayhem Box Office Success

The movie “TMNT: Mutant Mayhem” has channeled its turtle power into a successful global box office run, pulling in more than $118 million. The domestic market contributed $88 million, while international audiences brought in the remaining $30 million. After surpassing the $100 million mark last week, this newest rendition of New York City’s most spirited vigilante team keeps reaching new heights, nearly three weeks after its premiere. The turtles still have some time to shine before other projects take over the audience’s attention.

In this latest installment, the beloved turtles continue their crime-fighting escapades across New York, always finding time for pizza. However, a new and potentially overwhelming threat looms, with Superfly (played by Ice Cube) threatening to start a mutant revolution. Despite Splinter’s (Jackie Chan) guidance, this foe may prove too much for the turtles to overcome.

The film pays homage to the expansive world of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, with April O’Neil (Ayo Edebiri) returning to assist the turtles. The voice cast is packed with familiar names such as Seth Rogen as Bebop and John Cena as Rocksteady. Micah Abbey, Shamon Brown Jr., Brady Noon, and Nicolas Cantu are the voices behind the iconic heroes.

As for a sequel to “Mutant Mayhem,” it’s still uncertain if the film’s performance will persuade Paramount to continue the franchise. Nevertheless, Jeff Rowe, the director, has expressed his interest in further developing the story, with the possibility of making Shredder a significant antagonist in future films. Whether the turtles’ current success will be enough to greenlight a second installment from this revamped team remains to be seen.

The complete interview with Ayo Edebiri can be found on FilmSweep’s platform.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about fokus keyword TMNT: Mutant Mayhem

What is the total global box office gross for “TMNT: Mutant Mayhem”?

The total global box office gross for “TMNT: Mutant Mayhem” is over $118 million, with $88 million from the domestic market and $30 million from international territories.

Who are some of the notable voice actors in the movie?

Some of the notable voice actors in “TMNT: Mutant Mayhem” include Seth Rogen, John Cena, Ice Cube, Jackie Chan, Ayo Edebiri, Micah Abbey, Shamon Brown Jr., Brady Noon, and Nicolas Cantu.

Is there going to be a sequel to “TMNT: Mutant Mayhem”?

While it’s still too early to determine, the director Jeff Rowe has shown interest in working on a sequel to “Mutant Mayhem,” with the possibility of Shredder becoming a major threat. However, it remains to be seen if the current box office results will be enough to justify the production of a second movie.

What is the plot of “TMNT: Mutant Mayhem”?

In “TMNT: Mutant Mayhem,” the turtles are living their best life, fighting crime in New York City and enjoying pizza. A new threat begins with Superfly (Ice Cube) ready to start a revolution with other mutants. Despite Splinter’s (Jackie Chan) training, this could be a villain too big for the turtles to handle.

Who voices the main characters, the turtles, in the movie?

Micah Abbey, Shamon Brown Jr., Brady Noon, and Nicolas Cantu provide the voices for the heroes in a half shell in “TMNT: Mutant Mayhem.”

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SaraReviews August 21, 2023 - 4:44 am

Didn’t expect much from an animated TMNT, but it’s surprisingly well-done. The voices are spot on, espacially Rogen and Cena. Good job!

PizzaLover23 August 21, 2023 - 7:24 am

best part was the pizza scenes haha, felt like a true TMNT movie. Need more of those in the sequel.

FilmCritic87 August 21, 2023 - 7:34 am

The grossing’s good but the plot seems kind of cliched, anyone else feel like they’ve seen this before? Still a fun movie though.

MikeTheTurtleFan August 21, 2023 - 7:49 am

Can’t wait for the sequel, hope they bring Shredder in!! TMNT forever, this movie was amazing.

CenaFan101 August 21, 2023 - 10:55 pm

John Cena as Rocksteady? Awesome casting, but i think they could’ve done more with the character, just sayin.


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