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Tom Cruise Praised ‘The Flash,’ Says Director Andy Muschietti

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Director Andy Muschietti recently revealed that Tom Cruise, the renowned actor, movie star, stuntman, daredevil, producer, and walking brand, expressed his admiration for the upcoming superhero film, The Flash. The Hollywood Reporter had previously disclosed that the movie had received positive feedback during internal and external screenings, generating significant anticipation leading up to its release on June 16. Notably, James Gunn, a prominent figure in the industry, even called it “one of the greatest superhero movies ever made.”

Beyond the confines of Warner Bros. Discovery, Tom Cruise emerged as a prominent supporter and advocate for the film. According to reports, Cruise had watched The Flash, directed by Andy Muschietti, and was so impressed that he personally contacted the director to express his enthusiasm. This interaction occurred after Cruise had a meeting with Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav, during which Zaslav praised the film’s quality.

Intrigued by Zaslav’s comments, Cruise made a request to view the current version of the movie. Zaslav gladly fulfilled this request, sending the film to Cruise for his evaluation. As per the report, a Warner Bros. employee delivered the movie to Cruise’s residence in Beverly Hills, watched it alongside him until the end, and then left with the film. Cruise’s reaction to The Flash was reportedly overwhelmingly positive, prompting him to directly reach out to Muschietti to express his enjoyment, drawing parallels to Steven Spielberg’s praise for Top Gun: Maverick’s success.

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Everything You Desire in a Film

Cruise’s feedback on the movie was described as “everything you want in a movie” and “the kind of movie we need right now.” Now, three months later, with The Flash on the verge of its release, Muschietti and his producing partner, Barbara Muschietti, have been promoting the film and confirming Cruise’s call. They were asked if Cruise’s endorsement added any pressure in terms of expectations.

Andy Muschietti responded to Total Film, saying, “No. If anything, it gave us more confidence in what we had done because the movie was already finished when Cruise and Stephen King, who also praised the film, saw it. So, it served as a confidence boost.”

Barbara Muschietti added, “The industry can be quite cynical, so when people who have no vested interest and nothing to gain express such kind sentiments—like Tom Cruise, who called us and spent 15 minutes praising Andy and the film—it feels great. We put a lot of hard work into making these movies.”

The Flash will hit cinemas on June 16. Check out our interview with Andy and Barbara Muschietti below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Tom Cruise, praise, The Flash, superhero film

What did Tom Cruise think of “The Flash”?

Tom Cruise loved “The Flash” and personally reached out to director Andy Muschietti to express his admiration for the film. Cruise described it as “everything you want in a movie” and “the kind of movie we need right now.”

Did Tom Cruise’s endorsement add pressure to the filmmakers?

No, according to Andy Muschietti. Cruise’s endorsement actually boosted their confidence in the film because it was already finished when he and other notable figures like Stephen King saw it. The positive feedback served as a confidence boost for the filmmakers.

When does “The Flash” release?

“The Flash” is set to release on June 16.

Who else praised “The Flash”?

Apart from Tom Cruise, director Stephen King also praised the film, further adding to the positive reception it received.

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MovieFan90 June 12, 2023 - 3:35 pm

omg tom cruise loved the flash?? thats so cool! he called andy muschietti and told him how much he enjoyd it! cant wait 4 the movie now!!

SuperheroFan1 June 12, 2023 - 3:35 pm

the flash is gonna b epic! if tom cruise loved it, then it must be amazing! im so hyped for the movie now, june 16 cant come soon enough!

CruiseFanatic June 12, 2023 - 3:35 pm

Tom Cruise has great taste in movies! if he says the flash is everything you want in a movie, then im definitely gonna watch it. cruise knows his stuff!

FilmLover77 June 12, 2023 - 3:35 pm

it’s awesome to see such positive feedback from big names like Tom Cruise and Stephen King. it gives me confidence that The Flash is gonna be a blockbuster hit!

DCComicsFan23 June 12, 2023 - 3:35 pm

can’t wait to see The Flash! if it impressed Tom Cruise and Stephen King, then it’s gonna be a must-watch for all DC fans. the hype is real!


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