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Tommy Wiseau Battles a ‘Big Shark’ in Brand New Trailer for ‘The Room’ Follow-Up

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Tommy Wiseau, the man behind one of the craziest movies ever made, is back with a fresh new feature. This time it’s about a giant sea creature in his upcoming movie “Big Shark”. The first trailer for the movie just got released and you can guess it is going to be quite extraordinary!

Big Shark is a movie about a giant fish that causes trouble in New Orleans. It follows the journey of three firefighters – Georgie, Patrick and Tim – who work together to face off against the monster shark. Wiseau wrote, directed, and acted in it as Patrick, while Mark Valeriano stars as Georgie and Isaiah LaBorde plays Tim.

At the start of the trailer, two people are getting ready for a boxing match. As this happens, you can see some cool shots of the city in the background. Then, out of nowhere, a shark arrives and looks like it’s going to cause some trouble! We’ll have to wait until the movie comes out to find out more about what happens with the shark.

Big Shark is the second movie that Tommy Wiseau has directed. His first was a movie called The Room which came out in 2003. It’s about a man named Johnny (portrayed by Tommy Wiseau) who is about to marry his girlfriend Lisa (played by Juliette Danielle). Unfortunately, Lisa betrays him and starts dating his best friend Mark (Greg Sestero). Even though the movie wasn’t popular when it was released, it gained lots of fans over time and became an iconic part of midnight screenings across America. The Disaster Artist, a book written by Greg Sestero and Tom Bissell based on their experience making The Room, was then turned into a movie with James and Dave Franco starring in it. There are also plans for a remake of The room led by Bob Odenkirk.

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The movie is set to show on April 2nd at a cinema in Portland, Oregon. Later in April it will debut in New Orleans and San Francisco, then LA and New York City throughout May and June till August. During this eight-month period, the films maker is planning to go to some of the screenings. After that, there won’t be an exact date for when the final cut will be released.

Take a look at the preview of Big Shark:

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