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‘Trick r’ Treat’, ‘Goosebumps’, and ‘Annabelle’ Become Part of Loungefly’s Halloween Line

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Prepare yourself for Halloween with the fresh horror-themed collection from Loungefly, featuring bags and wallets inspired by popular franchises such as Halloween, Ghostbusters, and Annabelle. Many items in this collection are connected to franchises that have recent or forthcoming releases. Loungefly ensures that fans of all ages and of the horror genre are catered to this eerie season.

With Halloween just two months away, now is the perfect time to begin planning your spooky celebrations. This can include arranging parties, selecting costumes, putting up decorations, and acquiring a seemingly infinite variety of horror toys and accessories. Loungefly has recently revealed its new horror-themed collection of bags and wallets, just in time for the frightful Halloween period.

This collection comprises franchises such as Halloween, Disney’s The Haunted Mansion, Killer Klowns From Outer Space, Scooby-Doo, Trick ‘r Treat, Goosebumps, Ghostbusters, Peanuts, Winnie-the-Pooh, and Annabelle.

The fun is even spreading to McDonald’s famed Halloween Happy Meal buckets. Each franchise adds to the eerie excitement with ghostly mini-backpacks or crossbody bags, and zip-around wallets. There’s a wealth of creativity in these designs, from Scooby-Doo’s new mummy-inspired backpack to Goosebumps’ wallet designed after the cover of Slappy’s debut in “Night of the Living Dummy.” Other striking designs feature backpacks with Snoopy as a scarecrow, Pooh Bear as a lion, and Annabelle’s haunting gaze, complete with colors matching her signature white and red dress.

Horror For All Ages

Horror has always been a part of the pop culture dialogue, but in recent years it has emerged as one of the most potent genres, especially in franchise films. The Conjuring series, home to Annabelle, is the top-grossing horror franchise in movie history, and classic properties like Ghostbusters have enjoyed a successful revival. Furthermore, many franchises in this collection have recently released new editions or are preparing to breathe new life into the undead soon. For example, Disney relaunched The Haunted Mansion last month, and while it may have faltered at the box office, it enjoyed relatively favorable reviews and boasted an incredibly star-studded cast.

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Disney is also working on a Goosebumps reboot series for Disney+ set to premiere in the near future. R.L. Stine/YA horror is trending, and Halloween provides the ideal occasion to stir up nostalgia. The Pooh Bear and Peanuts Halloween specials remain iconic animated delights, and who can forget the childhood excitement for the McDonald’s Halloween buckets? Whatever your age or horror preference, Loungefly is prepared to equip you for the approaching spine-chilling season.

When Will Loungefly’s Halloween Collection Be Available?

Loungefly’s new Halloween collection will be unveiled in stages between September and October 2023. Fans can pre-order their desired spine-chilling backpack, crossbody bag, or wallet on Entertainment Earth’s website starting now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about fokus keyword Loungefly Halloween collection

What is the Loungefly Halloween collection?

The Loungefly Halloween collection is a new line of horror-themed bags and wallets, inspired by various popular franchises including Halloween, Ghostbusters, and Annabelle. The collection also features unique designs related to characters like Scooby-Doo, Snoopy, Pooh Bear, and Annabelle.

When will the Loungefly Halloween collection be available?

The collection will be released in stages between September and October 2023. Pre-orders can be made on Entertainment Earth’s website.

What franchises are included in the Loungefly Halloween collection?

The collection includes items inspired by franchises such as Halloween, Disney’s The Haunted Mansion, Killer Klowns From Outer Space, Scooby-Doo, Trick ‘r Treat, Goosebumps, Ghostbusters, Peanuts, Winnie-the-Pooh, and Annabelle.

Is the Loungefly Halloween collection suitable for all ages?

Yes, the collection caters to horror fans of all ages, with various products designed to appeal to both children and adults.

Where can I pre-order items from the Loungefly Halloween collection?

You can pre-order the bloodthirsty backpacks, crossbody bags, or wallets from the Halloween collection on Entertainment Earth’s website now.

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JennySmith August 20, 2023 - 10:07 pm

Wow, this collection sounds amazin! can’t wait to get my hands on the Scooby-Doo bag, brings back childhood memories 🙂

Tina_M August 21, 2023 - 2:08 am

this is exciting news, my kids will love the peanuts and pooh designs, but I’m all about the Annabelle one, Loungefly never disappoints!

BillyBob August 21, 2023 - 3:59 am

Pre-ordering already, need that Ghostbusters wallet ASAP. their designs are so unique, but why September to October, wish it was sooner!

HorrorFanatic90 August 21, 2023 - 12:58 pm

i love that Loungefly is including everything from Goosebumps to Winnie-the-Pooh, truly something for everyone, will defintely be buying some of these.

KarenLovesHalloween August 21, 2023 - 2:52 pm

The mix of franchises is cool but what about other classic horror films like Freddy or Jason They should have included those too imo.


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