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Tubi Introduces Rabbit AI: Your New Movie and TV Show Discovery Companion

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Content Discovery

In the ever-expanding world of online streaming services, Tubi, the video-on-demand platform by Fox, is making waves with its latest addition – Rabbit AI. Powered by the cutting-edge ChatGPT-4, Rabbit AI is poised to redefine the way you explore movies and TV shows.

A Fresh Approach to Content Discovery

Tubi’s Rabbit AI isn’t just another search tool; it’s your conversation partner in the quest for the perfect movie night. Whether you have specific questions or vivid descriptions in mind, Rabbit AI is here to make your content search personalized and enjoyable.

Blake Bassett, Tubi’s Senior Director of Product, is excited about this groundbreaking feature. With over 64 million monthly active users, Tubi is well aware of the challenges viewers face when deciding what to watch. Blake explains, “One in five streamers binge watch because it’s convenient or easier than searching for another show. At Tubi, we’re uniquely positioned to find content tailored to the viewer’s moment, thanks to our vast library and personalized machine learning algorithms. With Rabbit AI, we’re making content discovery fun again.”

Conversational Search

Imagine searching for a movie just like you’d chat with a friend. Rabbit AI takes your search experience to this next level. No more basic keyword searches; you can now use natural language to find precisely what you’re looking for.

For instance, let’s say you’re in a lively debate with friends about the funniest shark movies. Instead of struggling with keywords, you can simply type “shark movies that are funny” into Rabbit AI, and voila! It will present you with a curated list of movies that match your request. Or perhaps you’ve developed a newfound interest in Anime and want shows that highlight shonen friendships. Just ask Rabbit AI, “find me Anime that features shonen friendships,” and it will provide you with relevant options.

Tailored to You

But it doesn’t stop there. Rabbit AI allows you to save your discoveries to your “My List,” making it a breeze to access the content you’ve found across all your devices. Plus, it remembers your search history within the feature, so revisiting past search results is as easy as pie. It’s like having your very own personal search assistant at your fingertips.

This groundbreaking feature complements Tubi’s existing content discovery tools. Tubi learns about your preferences by paying close attention to your actions on the platform. Whether you’re saving shows to your “My List,” expressing likes and dislikes, or exploring various genres, Tubi takes note of it all.

Based on this wealth of information, Tubi personalizes your home screen, continually adapting to your tastes and suggesting content that aligns with your interests. Over time, your home screen will fill up with tailored recommendations. If you’ve been binging on classic films, expect to see Hitchcock classics pop up in your “Thriller” section. This fine-tuned experience makes Tubi all the more enjoyable and aligned with your unique preferences.

Get Ready for the Rabbit AI Experience

Exciting news for Tubi users across the U.S. – Rabbit AI is rolling out as a beta test on Tubi’s iOS mobile app starting today, with broader availability in the coming weeks. And for those of you eager to harness the power of Rabbit AI for your own creative endeavors, the RabbitAI plugin for ChatGPT is now available on OpenAI for subscribers.

So, gear up for a new era of content discovery with Tubi’s Rabbit AI. It’s time to dive down the entertainment rabbit hole and let AI be your guide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Content Discovery

What is Tubi’s Rabbit AI?

Tubi’s Rabbit AI is a new feature powered by ChatGPT-4 that revolutionizes content discovery on the platform. It offers users a conversational way to search for movies and TV shows, making the search process more personalized and enjoyable.

How does Rabbit AI make content discovery easier?

Rabbit AI allows users to ask specific questions or provide detailed descriptions to find content that matches their interests. Instead of traditional keyword searches, users can use natural language to find what they’re looking for, making it a more intuitive experience.

Can I save the content I discover with Rabbit AI?

Yes, Rabbit AI allows you to save the results to your “My List,” making it easy to access the content you’ve discovered on all your devices. It also keeps a record of your search history within the feature, so you can revisit past search results whenever you want.

How does Tubi personalize my content recommendations?

Tubi uses machine learning algorithms to personalize your home screen based on your actions on the platform. This includes saving content to your “My List,” liking or disliking titles, and watching different genres. Over time, Tubi’s recommendations become more tailored to your preferences.

When will Rabbit AI be available to Tubi users?

Rabbit AI is rolling out as a beta test on Tubi’s iOS mobile app for viewers in the U.S. starting today, with wider availability in the coming weeks.

Is Rabbit AI available for developers or other applications?

Yes, the RabbitAI plugin for ChatGPT is available on OpenAI for subscribers, allowing developers to harness the power of Rabbit AI for their own creative endeavors.

More about Content Discovery

  • Tubi: Visit Tubi’s official website to learn more about the streaming service and its features.
  • ChatGPT-4: Explore OpenAI’s research on ChatGPT-4, the powerful AI behind Rabbit AI.
  • Tubi’s iOS Mobile App: Download Tubi’s iOS mobile app to experience Rabbit AI (for U.S. viewers).

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AIEnthusiast September 26, 2023 - 7:55 pm

This chatgpt-4 powered rabbit AI is da bomb! personalized recommendations are the future of streaming!

LazyReader123 September 26, 2023 - 9:27 pm

what is Tubi’s rabbitai? im confused

TechGeekGirl September 27, 2023 - 4:48 am

tubi’s Rabbit AI is super awesome! it helps u discover new movies n shows in a whole new way

MovieBuff007 September 27, 2023 - 5:28 am

rabbit ai sounds so cool, makes findin movies so easy!

GrammarNerd September 27, 2023 - 8:49 am

Need some proofreading here. Some sentences don’t start with capital letters, and missing punctuation makes it hard to read.

ContentCreator23 September 27, 2023 - 8:55 am

So excited to use Rabbit AI for content discovery on Tubi. Can’t wait to see how it improves my viewing experience!


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