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Unraveling the ‘John Wick’ Universe: Keanu Reeves Reveals When ‘Ballerina’ Takes Place

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Be careful when you read this because it has spoilers for John Wick: Chapter 4.

John Wick: Chapter Four already released and now everyone wants to know what will be the next chapter of John Wick universe, Ballerina. There was a theory that this Ana De Armas-led movie is a type of prequel but Keanu Reeves confirmed when will it fit in timeline – which even explains how can Wick take part in it.

The cool thing is that Ballerina will not happen too early in the John Wick franchise. Fans of the movie can breathe a sigh of relief because this means that the story won’t be re-told from the beginning, which could create many plot holes. In an interview with FilmSweep, actor Keanu Reeves told Steve Weintraub (Editor-in-Chief) that we won’t have to go back too far to know about Baba Yaga’s past – a character discussed by writer Shay Hatten in a previous interview.

“I had the chance to wear the special suit once again, which was great! The new movie is directed by Len Wiseman and has Ana de Armas in it. Chad and I were lucky that we were given the opportunity to choose when this film will fit in with Chapters Three and Four, which is really nice!”

Get Ready for the Mysterious Prequel of the John Wick Universe with Ballerina!

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A new movie called Ballerina is coming out soon, and according to Reeves we will learn a mysterious piece of the John Wick universe when it premiers. Rooney (De Armas), the main character, is trying to find out who killed her family. It could have been anyone – even the famous John Wick! We don’t know yet if they will meet in the movie or not, but we’ll have to wait and see!

John Wick’s story may have come to an end, but the world around him is still going strong! There’s a prequel series called ‘The Continental’ that we can look forward to and even the Hotel Manager from John Wick: Chapter Four gives us an idea of what else this series has in store.

Ballerina is a movie directed by Len Wiseman who also made the Underworld series. It has an impressive cast, which includes Ian McShane, Norman Reedus, Gabriel Byrne, Anjelica Huston, Catalina Sandino Moreno and Lance Reddick (who has passed away).

The fourth installment of John Wick’s movie series is showing in theatres now! Look out for Keanu Reeves sharing his thoughts about the exciting action scenes in the video below.

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