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Why the Goat in Disney’s New Animated Movie ‘Wish’ Wears Pajamas

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Pajama-Clad Goat

“Why Disney’s ‘Wish’ Has a Goat in Pajamas: A Tale of Cute and Quirky Inspiration

With just a shade under two months to go until Disney’s much-anticipated animated release, ‘Wish,’ the excitement is building among fans. This magical tale unfolds in the enchanting kingdom of Rosas, where a young protagonist named Asha, voiced by the talented Ariana DeBose, makes a wish so powerful that it catches the attention of a cosmic being named Star. Meanwhile, lurking in the shadows, we have the enigmatic King Magnifico, played by Chris Pine, with some nefarious plans that threaten to bring the kingdom to ruin. But every epic adventure needs a lovable animal companion, and in Asha’s case, it’s her adorable pet goat, Valentino, who just happens to be sporting pajamas.

So, why exactly does Valentino don these cozy sleepwear in the midst of a thrilling quest to save the kingdom? Well, the idea sprouted from none other than writer Jennifer Lee, who, it turns out, has a soft spot for videos featuring baby goats dressed in pajamas. This quirky fascination with pajama-clad goats played a pivotal role in shaping Valentino’s character. But the pajama saga doesn’t stop there. Lisa Keene, the production designer for ‘Wish,’ is not only responsible for creating the film’s visually stunning world but also happens to own goats that rock pajamas. Talk about a serendipitous match!

Co-directors Chris Buck and Fawn Veerasunthorn, along with producer Juan Pablo Reyes Lancaster-Jones, revealed their creative journey in an interview with FilmSweep’s Christina Radish. Buck shared the initial spark of inspiration, courtesy of Jennifer Lee’s pajama-wearing goat fascination. And it wasn’t just pajamas; Valentino was envisioned in various outfits, like a bumblebee costume or even a tiny strawberry getup. However, as the story evolved, they realized that a goat with an extensive wardrobe might be a bit overwhelming for the narrative. That’s when the practicality of goat pajamas, courtesy of Lisa Keene’s real-life goat companions, came into play. It was a decision that perfectly encapsulated Valentino’s endearing essence.

But the story of Valentino’s creation doesn’t end with pajamas. Alan Tudyk, the talented voice behind Valentino, played a pivotal role in bringing this charming character to life. In an illuminating interview with Radish, Juan Pablo Reyes Lancaster-Jones shared the intricacies of how Tudyk’s involvement helped shape Valentino’s identity. During the early voice recording sessions, Valentino was essentially a blank canvas in terms of voice and personality. However, with Tudyk’s expert guidance and experimentation, the character blossomed into a fully realized, lovable companion. As Lancaster-Jones put it, “We chose [Tudyk], and he helped us figure out the voice and style of the character. He tried many different things, and he was a part of that discovery.”

So, there you have it – the story behind Valentino’s iconic pajamas and his charming personality. As ‘Wish’ prepares to hit theaters on November 22, it’s safe to say that this little goat, wrapped snugly in his pajamas, is bound to steal the hearts of audiences everywhere. After all, who can resist the allure of a wish, a cosmic being, and a pajama-clad goat in the same magical adventure?”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Pajama-Clad Goat

Why does Valentino the goat wear pajamas in Disney’s ‘Wish’?

Valentino, the pajama-clad goat in ‘Wish,’ dons this adorable attire due to writer Jennifer Lee’s fascination with baby goats in pajamas. Her quirky love for these videos played a key role in shaping Valentino’s character. Additionally, Lisa Keene, the film’s production designer, owns goats in pajamas, making it a perfect fit for the character.

Who voices Valentino in ‘Wish’?

Valentino is voiced by Alan Tudyk, whose involvement was instrumental in bringing the character to life. During early voice recording sessions, Tudyk worked closely with the creative team to discover Valentino’s voice and style, transforming the character from a blank slate to a fully realized and endearing companion.

When does ‘Wish’ premiere in theaters?

Disney’s ‘Wish’ is set to premiere in theaters on November 22, offering a delightful adventure with Asha, Star, King Magnifico, and of course, the charming pajama-wearing Valentino.

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I can’t wait 4 ‘Wish’ in theaters, sounds like an epic adventure!

MovieBuff123 September 28, 2023 - 6:55 pm

Alan Tudyk’s voice magic made Valentino come alive, he’s awesome!


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