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You’re Invited to ‘Barbie’s Blowout Party for Early Screenings

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Join us for an exclusive event: ‘Barbie’s Blowout Party for Early Screenings’

If you’re fortunate, you may have the opportunity to witness one of this year’s most highly anticipated movies ahead of schedule. Selected cities will be hosting early showings of Barbie, granting some lucky audience members a chance to see Greta Gerwig’s comedy before its nationwide theatrical release. Fandango has officially announced that the screenings will take place on July 19, two days before the film hits theaters everywhere. Limited tickets are already available for purchase on their platform, exclusively for the “Barbie Blowout Party.” Finally, the real world becomes tangible for the iconic doll, and you could be among the first to witness this momentous occasion!

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The film revolves around Barbie (played by Margot Robbie) as she embraces her idyllic life in Barbie Land, surrounded by various versions of herself and Ken (portrayed by Ryan Gosling). However, everything takes an unexpected turn on a chaotic day when our titular character starts questioning the purpose of life and whether there’s more to it than beach parties. Her unconventional ideas clash with the other Barbies, who are resistant to change and content with their established routine. Determined to find answers, Barbie decides to leave her home behind.

Unbeknownst to Barbie, Ken tags along for the journey, unwilling to let his partner navigate the real world alone. Ever the devoted companion, he always keeps his rollerblades handy in case of emergencies. After all, Ken himself yearns for a breath of fresh air, considering his sole occupation is “beach.” However, the couple soon discovers that their perfect life in Barbie Land did not prepare them for the challenges they will encounter in the human world.

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Take a Virtual Tour of the ‘Barbie’ Dreamhouse with Margot Robbie

Barbie’s Greatest Adversary

One person who won’t be pleased to learn about Barbie and Ken’s escapades in the town is the Chief Executive Officer of Mattel, portrayed by Will Ferrell. Drawing from his role in The LEGO Movie, Ferrell assumes the character of a corporate executive eager to regain control of the situation promptly. Hopefully, Barbie and Ken can evade him before any harm befalls them, as our protagonist wrestles with the realization that a shorter life filled with hope may hold greater meaning than an eternal existence of beach parties.

Barbie is set to premiere on July 21, and tickets for Barbie’s Blowout Party are available for purchase now. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the trailer below.

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