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Ashley Liao Embarks on a Romantic Journey in Paramount+’s ‘Love in Taipei’ Trailer

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Get ready for a heartwarming YA romance as Paramount+ gears up to release the film adaptation of “Loveboat, Taipei,” based on the bestselling novel by Abigail Hing Wen. Set to premiere on August 10, the movie introduces us to Ever Wong, an American teenager attending a cultural immersion program in Taipei. Little does she know that this summer abroad will take her on an unexpected romantic escapade, torn between two boys while pursuing her passion for dance.

The newly released trailer showcases Ever’s incredible transformation as she immerses herself in new experiences, forges meaningful friendships, and falls in love with Taipei. The city’s charm and allure play a significant role in shaping Ever’s journey, leaving her with a profound connection to the place. With its engaging storyline, “Love in Taipei” holds the potential for a trilogy, drawing inspiration from the author’s other related books.

Starring Ashley Liao as Ever Wong, the film promises an unforgettable ride of self-discovery and romance. Ever’s adventure begins on an exciting note as she embarks on her cultural exchange in Taipei, unaware of the surprises that await her. Instead of a conventional academic setting, she finds herself aboard the “Loveboat,” a summer-long free-for-all where her heart becomes entangled between two captivating young men, Rick (Ross Butler) and Xavier (Nico Hiraga), both equally smitten with her. As the summer unfolds, Ever’s journey of love and personal growth intertwines with her pursuit of dance and her rebellion against her parents’ high expectations.

Guided by director Arvin Chen, with a screenplay by Charlie Oh and Mackenzie Dohr, the film boasts an impressive cast and crew, including executive producers Abigail Hing Wen, Ross Butler, and others. The chemistry between Ever and her new friend Sophie (Chelsea Zhang) sparks joy and brings Ever out of her rule-oriented shell, encouraging her to embrace the richness of life. The trailer hints at Ever’s emotional connection to Taipei, a city that has become an integral part of her life.

While Paramount+ has not disclosed future plans, the potential for a trilogy looms large, considering the existence of two other related books by the author: “Loveboat Reunion” and the upcoming “Loveboat Forever.”

Don’t miss the enchanting premiere of “Love in Taipei” exclusively on Paramount+ on August 10. Catch the heartfelt trailer below: [Trailer link]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about YA romance film

What is the movie “Love in Taipei” about?

“Love in Taipei” is a YA romance film adapted from the bestselling novel “Loveboat, Taipei” by Abigail Hing Wen. The movie follows the story of Ever Wong, an American teenager who travels to Taipei for a cultural immersion program. However, her summer takes an unexpected turn when she finds herself caught in a love triangle between two boys while pursuing her passion for dancing.

When will “Love in Taipei” be released?

The movie “Love in Taipei” is set to premiere on August 10, exclusively on Paramount+.

Who are the main characters in “Love in Taipei”?

Ashley Liao stars as the protagonist, Ever Wong, while Ross Butler and Nico Hiraga play the two boys she becomes entangled with, Rick and Xavier, respectively. Chelsea Zhang portrays Ever’s friend Sophie, and Cindy Cheung appears as Ever’s aunt Shu.

Is “Love in Taipei” part of a larger series?

Yes, “Love in Taipei” is based on the novel “Loveboat, Taipei” by Abigail Hing Wen, and it has the potential to become a trilogy. The author has two other related books, “Loveboat Reunion” and “Loveboat Forever,” which may pave the way for further installments in the future.

Who worked on the production of “Love in Taipei”?

The screenplay for “Love in Taipei” was written by Charlie Oh and Mackenzie Dohr. Arvin Chen directed the film. Matt Kaplan produced it for Ace Entertainment, along with 1 Productions Film overseeing the production. Abigail Hing Wen, Ross Butler, Christopher Foss, Matthew Janzen, Max Siemers, Aubrey Bendix, and Cheng-Chung Chang served as executive producers.

What can viewers expect from “Love in Taipei”?

Viewers can expect an engaging and heartwarming coming-of-age story filled with romance, self-discovery, and the exploration of cultural experiences in Taipei. The film showcases Ever’s transformation as she opens her heart to new friendships and navigates the complexities of young love.

Where can I watch “Love in Taipei”?

“Love in Taipei” will be available exclusively on Paramount+ upon its release on August 10.

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