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Jason Momoa Embarks on a High-Sea Adventure in ‘Aquaman & the Lost Kingdom’

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As the clock ticks down to its release next month, ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom,’ the much-anticipated follow-up to the DCEU’s blockbuster hit ‘Aquaman,’ is making waves with its recent marketing blitz, featuring new character posters. These posters focus on the central figures – Aquaman, Orm, and Black Manta – each accompanied by a defining word that encapsulates their respective arcs in the sequel. This next chapter sees Aquaman and Orm joining forces to confront Black Manta, who is hell-bent on avenging his father’s demise.

Despite a somewhat turbulent year for DC in the cinema world, ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’ is poised to set sail towards a triumphant conclusion for 2023, buoying the renowned comic brand. As the sequel to DCEU’s billion-dollar movie, it’s making a splash with an array of promotional material, including trailers, posters, Funko Pops, and action figures. The newly unveiled character posters for ‘Lost Kingdom’ showcase the saga’s heroes and villains in a new light.

Featured prominently are Aquaman (portrayed by Jason Momoa), Orm, also known as Ocean Master (played by Patrick Wilson), and Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II). Each character poster vividly portrays a key theme: Aquaman, now a ruler and father, is tagged with “Protect” in his upgraded stealth suit; Orm, previously on a quest for domination, is labeled “Redeem” as he aligns with his half-brother against Black Manta; and the antagonist Black Manta, fixated on vengeance, is emblazoned with “Avenge.” These posters effectively convey the emotional depth and transformation of each character, especially Manta, whose sinister scars are accentuated by a striking red background.

The Essence of ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’
Image via Warner Bros.

In ‘Lost Kingdom,’ Aquaman and a captive Orm are compelled to form an unlikely alliance against Black Manta, who has obtained the formidable black trident. Manta’s vendetta threatens those closest to Aquaman, including his son, Mera, Altanna, and his father. The pair must overcome their differences to safeguard Atlantis and the world. Unlike its predecessor, which was a romantic comedy, ‘Lost Kingdom’ focuses on the brotherly dynamic between Aquaman and Orm, highlighting Orm’s journey towards redemption. The on-screen chemistry between Momoa and Wilson promises to be a highlight, offering a blend of Aquaman’s lightheartedness and Orm’s stern demeanor.

Release Information for ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’

The movie is set to make a splash in theaters on December 20, 2023. As the film approaches, it remains to be seen how it will perform financially in a changing cinematic landscape where comic book movies are no longer surefire hits. What’s certain, though, is that the film’s talented ensemble cast is sure to deliver an enthralling experience. While fans eagerly await what might be Wan and Momoa’s final ‘Aquaman’ outing, the new character posters offer a tantalizing glimpse into the ‘Lost Kingdom.’

Key Details

  • Release Date: December 20, 2023
  • Director: James Wan
  • Cast: Jason Momoa, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson, Dolph Lundgren, Temuera Morrison
  • Genres: Superhero, Action, Adventure, Fantasy
  • Studio: Warner Bros. and DC
  • Writers: David Leslie Johnson, Paul Norris, Mort Weisinger
  • Franchise: DC


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Aquaman sequel

What is ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’ About?

‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’ is the sequel to the DCEU’s successful Aquaman film, following Aquaman and Orm as they team up against Black Manta, who seeks revenge for his father’s death. The film introduces new challenges and alliances, focusing on themes of protection, redemption, and vengeance.

Who are the Main Characters in ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’?

The main characters are Aquaman (Jason Momoa), Orm aka Ocean Master (Patrick Wilson), and Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II). The film explores their individual journeys, with Aquaman protecting Atlantis as a king and new father, Orm seeking redemption, and Black Manta driven by vengeance.

When is the Release Date of ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’?

The movie is set to release in theaters on December 20, 2023. It is one of the most anticipated releases of the year, expected to conclude the year on a high note for DC Comics movies.

How Does ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’ Differ from its Predecessor?

While the first Aquaman movie was more of a romantic comedy between Aquaman and Mera, ‘Lost Kingdom’ shifts to a brotherly dynamic between Aquaman and Orm. The sequel focuses on action, adventure, and the evolving relationship between the two half-brothers.

What Can Fans Expect from the Character Dynamics in the Sequel?

Fans can expect to see a mix of humor and tension in the interactions between Aquaman and Orm, as they navigate their complex relationship. The film also delves deeper into the emotional states of the characters, particularly Black Manta’s quest for revenge.

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