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Bill Burr’s Debut Film ‘Old Dads’ Takes a Hilarious Swipe at Parenthood and Staying Hip in a Fast-Paced World

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Bill Burr, the king of comedy, is stepping into the director’s chair for the first time with his upcoming film, “Old Dads.” In this uproarious comedy, we follow a trio of dads who find themselves in the unique position of not just being fathers but being what some might affectionately call “old dads.” The film’s trailer, released by Netflix, promises a hilarious journey through the ups and downs of parenting, wrapped in Burr’s signature comedic style.

A Nostalgic Look at Fatherhood and More

“Old Dads” doesn’t just dive headfirst into the world of parenting; it cannonballs into the deep end. Burr plays one of the titular old dads, and his character’s unconventional parenting methods are on full display from the get-go. But it’s not just Burr who’s bringing the laughs; his two friends, portrayed by Bobby Cannavale and Bokeem Woodbine, add their own unique flavor to the parenting mix. With a dash of generational differences and a sprinkle of outdated coolness, the result is a hilarious recipe for chaos.

Fatherhood Dreams Realized… a Bit Late

Burr, in his unmistakable voiceover, reveals that becoming a dad was a dream he held onto for a long time—46 years to be exact. The footage that accompanies this confession showcases his character attempting to assist an injured child, albeit with methods that might not make the parenting handbook. And as for taking advice from younger, more tech-savvy parents? Well, that’s simply out of the question.

Generational Clashes Galore

While the film primarily revolves around the trials and tribulations of parenting, it also serves up a healthy dose of generational clashes. In one memorable scene, the old dads find themselves in a meeting with a young CEO, representing a company that’s undergone a radical transformation into a “gender-neutral, carbon-neutral, 21st-century lifestyle brand.” Try saying that five times fast! It’s clear that keeping up with the times isn’t a walk in the park for our trio.

The Retro Factor

And then there’s the struggle to let go of the past. Not everyone in the group has bid farewell to their flip phones, and the realization that what was once cool is now hopelessly outdated hits them like a ton of bricks. It’s a relatable theme for anyone who’s ever cringed at their teenage fashion choices or tried to explain the concept of a VHS tape to a youngster.

Behind the Scenes

“Old Dads” is not just a laugh riot; it’s also a testament to Bill Burr’s talent as a writer, director, and producer. Co-written by Burr himself and Ben Tischler, the film is a collaboration of comedic genius. Monica Levinson, Bill Block, and Mike Bertolina join the production dream team. With production companies like Miramax, All Things Comedy, and All of Us Productions involved, you can expect nothing less than top-notch entertainment.

The film boasts an impressive ensemble cast, including Katie Aselton, Reign Edwards, Rachael Harris, Miles Robbins, and Jackie Tohn, among others, promising a rollercoaster of laughs and heartfelt moments.

Mark Your Calendar

“Old Dads” is set to premiere on Netflix on October 20, and if the trailer is anything to go by, it’s going to be a wild ride. So, whether you’re an old dad, a new dad, or just someone who enjoys a good laugh and a heartfelt story, be sure to mark your calendar for this comedy gem. Watch the trailer below for a sneak peek into the hilarious world of “Old Dads.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Parenthood

What is “Old Dads” about?

“Old Dads” is a comedy film directed by Bill Burr that follows a trio of older fathers as they navigate the challenges of parenthood and grapple with generational differences in society.

Who stars in the film?

The film features a talented ensemble cast, including Bill Burr, Bobby Cannavale, Bokeem Woodbine, Katie Aselton, Reign Edwards, Rachael Harris, Miles Robbins, and Jackie Tohn, among others.

When does “Old Dads” premiere?

“Old Dads” is set to premiere on Netflix on October 20, promising an entertaining and humorous look at the world of parenting and the struggles of staying relevant in a fast-changing world.

What themes does the movie explore?

While primarily centered around fatherhood, “Old Dads” also delves into generational challenges, nostalgia, and the humorous clash between old-school coolness and modern trends.

Who wrote and produced the film?

The film was co-written, directed, and produced by Bill Burr himself, showcasing his talent not only as a comedian but also as a filmmaker. Ben Tischler co-wrote the screenplay, with Monica Levinson, Bill Block, and Mike Bertolina serving as producers.

Are there any unique or standout moments in the trailer?

The trailer offers glimpses of Bill Burr’s character using unconventional parenting methods, the trio’s humorous attempts to adapt to modern parenting, and a hilarious encounter with a young CEO representing a drastically transformed company. The clash of generations and the struggle to let go of the past are also prominently featured.

What kind of audience will enjoy “Old Dads”?

“Old Dads” is likely to appeal to a wide audience, especially those who enjoy comedy, family-themed films, and relatable stories about parenthood. Bill Burr’s comedic style adds an extra layer of humor that will resonate with his fans and anyone looking for a good laugh.

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Bill Burr is so funny! I’m watchin this, no doubt. Him and his pals r gonna make us lol for sure!


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