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Criterion Collection Adds Martin Scorsese’s ‘Mean Streets,’ a Jackie Chan Boxset & More

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The Criterion Collection continues to be a treasure trove for fans of classic cinema, and November is shaping up to be a remarkable month. Highlights include the addition of legendary titles like Martin Scorsese’s breakthrough film, Mean Streets, which showcases the gritty streets of 1970s New York. There’s also an impressive Jackie Chan collection, tracing his rise from a martial arts star to a global icon, featuring six titles from his early career.

Two other standout features getting 4K upgrades are Peter Bogdanovich’s evocative portrayal of life in Texas in the early 1950s, The Last Picture Show, and Terrence Malick’s period drama set in 1910, Days of Heaven. These join Claude Chabrol’s edge-of-your-seat crime thriller, La cérémonie, and other noteworthy films.

Jackie Chan: Emergence of a Superstar kicks off the month on November 7, encapsulating the star’s love for martial arts, acting, and comedy. November 14 brings two cinematic gems, including The Last Picture Show, which captures a bleak Texas setting in the 1950s, and Days of Heaven, which tells the story of a steelworker’s escape after a fatal mishap.

November 21 marks the arrival of Scorsese’s Mean Streets, set in the family-oriented neighborhood of Little Italy, and Chabrol’s La cérémonie, a gripping crime thriller starring Isabelle Huppert. Both these films come with 4K restorations and various extras that will delight cinephiles.

The offerings include the following:

  • Jackie Chan: Emergence of a Superstar: A compilation of six early-career highlights that trace Jackie Chan’s rise as a martial arts legend and his evolving creative control. Pre-order here.
  • The Last Picture Show: A key film of the American seventies cinema, capturing the essence of a dying West and its impact on three forlorn teens. Pre-order here.
  • Days of Heaven: Terrence Malick’s visually stunning tragedy set in the early 20th century, weaving a tale of love, labor, and loss. Pre-order here.
  • Mean Streets: Scorsese’s iconic portrait of 1970s New York, filled with sin, redemption, and the struggles of a small-time ringleader. Pre-order here.
  • La cérémonie: Claude Chabrol’s masterful exploration of class dynamics and crime, driven by Isabelle Huppert’s César Award-winning performance. Pre-order here.

All of these titles are available for pre-order on The Criterion Collection’s website, offering film enthusiasts a chance to enrich their personal libraries with some of the most celebrated works in cinema history.

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