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David Harbour Gives Positive Update on ‘Violent Night 2’

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David Harbour discusses reprising his role as Santa Claus in Violent Night 2

David Harbour is enthusiastic about reprising his Santa Claus character in the sequel to “Violent Night,” having already engaged in discussions about the future direction of the role. The development of the project has come to a halt due to an ongoing dual strike led by the Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA. The discussions for a follow-up began shortly after the film’s release, with director Tommy Wirkola confirming the sequel early in 2023, with Pat Casey and Josh Miller returning as writers.

In an interview during the press junket for “Gran Turismo,” before the SAG-AFTRA strike, Harbour expressed his excitement about continuing Santa’s story, contingent upon the studios resolving their labor issues and paying fair wages. He urged the studios to negotiate an end to the labor disputes, saying, “If the studios would please go to the table and end these labor issues, we could shoot all kinds of things I’d love to give to the people! But yes, we’re in process.”

The core problems with the strikes stem from the insufficient residuals actors receive from streaming services, regardless of the platform. Despite massive viewership, those who worked on the production get minimal compensation, especially as studios have started removing content shortly after premiering it. This practice has affected actors’ ability to receive additional residuals, which are crucial for meeting union healthcare minimums. With studio executives receiving large bonuses annually, there’s an urgent call for change to ensure sustainability in the industry.

In “Violent Night,” Harbour’s portrayal of Santa Claus evolves from a disillusioned and bored character into a hero, as he helps Trudy (Leah Brady) after her family is kidnapped by mercenaries during a holiday vacation. The action-packed adventure, directed by Tommy Wirkola, casts Santa in a new and thrilling role.

As for Harbour’s future endeavors, before revisiting Santa Claus, he is set to return to some of his famous roles in recent years. He’ll be back in Hawkins for the final season of “Stranger Things,” protecting Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) during the ultimate showdown, pending the resolution of the strike. Additionally, Harbour will reprise his role as the Red Guardian in “Thunderbolts,” a film that brings together various villains from the Marvel Cinematic Universe for an exciting mission.

For more insights from David Harbour, you can watch FilmSweep’s interview with the actor below.

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