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Debut Trailer for Sofia Coppola’s ‘Priscilla’ Unveils the Hidden Side of Elvis’ Matrimony

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The complex persona of Elvis Presley has been represented in diverse media outlets, emphasizing his innate musical prowess and his influence in shaping pop culture for a generation. Nonetheless, Elvis’s life extended beyond this singular perspective, and A24 is set to explore this uncharted terrain. The initial trailer for Priscilla has premiered, providing viewers with a preview of this amorous film that delves into the bond between the Rock ‘n Roll King and his life’s love. A touching love story was simultaneously unfolding behind the backdrop of the music.

Cailee Spaeny will breathe life into the eponymous female lead, recounting the tale of her encounter with Elvis, their subsequent falling in love, and the blossoming of their relationship over time. The magnificence of electrifying concerts and nationwide radio broadcasts could arguably pale in comparison to the profound affection the duo harbored for each other. Jacob Elordi is set to inhabit the role of the Rock and Roll King, lending a fresh interpretation to a legendary role enacted by titans of the entertainment world. When you’re as timeless as Priscilla and Elvis, your story enjoys multiple retellings.


Elvis’s life, in all its facets, has garnered unprecedented attention recently, fuelled by the release of Baz Luhrmann’s biopic revolving around the dynamics between the rock star and his manager, Colonel Tom Parker (Tom Hanks). Grossing over $288 million globally, the film showcased Austin Butler as Elvis Presley in a rendition that swiftly reached iconic status. Butler’s commitment to the role was acknowledged, earning him a Best Actor nomination at this year’s Academy Awards. Despite not securing the award, Butler etched his name in Presley’s legacy.

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Since Sofia Coppola’s Last Film, Some Time Has Passed

A substantial amount of time has elapsed since Sofia Coppola last assumed the director’s mantle. The last occasion she helmed a project was during the creation of On the Rocks. The narrative revolves around Laura (Rashida Jones) and Felix (Bill Murray), a couple grappling with hindrances in their path. Laura, a writer, finds herself mired in her latest novel, and Felix, despite his relative success in the tech industry, feels a sense of alienation as most of his colleagues are considerably younger.

The debut trailer for Priscilla can be viewed below:

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