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Exclusive Trailer: Disney Unveils a Spectacular Tribute to Their Timeless Stories

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Disney's 100th anniversary celebration

Disney, the ultimate home of the biggest franchises, has captivated audiences for decades with their enchanting animated films, inspiring superheroes, and heroic tales from distant galaxies. What began as a humble animation studio has evolved into one of the world’s most renowned companies. Not only has Disney delivered incredible stories on both the big and small screens, but they have also brought beloved characters to life in theme parks worldwide. Today, FilmSweep is thrilled to present an exclusive trailer that offers a magical glimpse into the multitude of Disney classics we have come to cherish over the years, reminding us that great stories truly endure.


On July 7, Disney will express their gratitude to their devoted fanbase by releasing a collection of brilliantly restored shorts from the vaults spanning 1929 to 1961. This initial release on Disney+ marks just the beginning of a series of “thank you” surprises planned over the next 100 days. Subscribers will have the opportunity to enjoy an iconic lineup of shorts, including the timeless masterpieces: “The Skeleton Dance” (1929), “Building a Building” (1933), “Bath Day” (1946), “Figaro and Frankie” (1947), “Goofy Gymnastics” (1949), and “Aquamania” (1961). Featuring beloved characters such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Goofy, and the mischievous duo Figaro and Frankie, these shorts beautifully represent the early decades of the studio.

What better way to start a movie night than with these legendary shorts, followed by a selection from Disney+’s vast library of beloved films and shows? The trailer provides a delightful reminder that Disney not only encompasses the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Wars, and timeless animated classics like “Alice in Wonderland,” “Peter Pan,” and “The Lion King,” but also offers the opportunity to delve into “The Simpsons,” immerse oneself in the world of “Avatar,” embark on captivating journeys with National Geographic, and experience front-row seats to concerts featuring legendary artists like Elton John and BTS.

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How Else is Disney Celebrating its 100th Anniversary?

The festivities have already begun as the House of Mouse prepares to commemorate its remarkable century in the entertainment industry. Excitingly, a range of fresh Funko collectibles is set to debut, featuring beloved characters such as Wall-E, Darth Vader, Steamboat Willie, R2-D2, and Lady and the Tramp. Adding to the celebratory atmosphere, Pixar, Disney’s acclaimed animation studio, is offering limited theatrical runs of three beloved favorites: “Toy Story,” “The Incredibles,” and “Coco,” with tickets currently available for purchase.

Get ready to embark on a 100-day celebration starting on July 7. Don’t miss the exclusive teaser for this extraordinary event below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Disney’s 100th anniversary celebration

What is Disney celebrating with their 100th anniversary?

Disney is celebrating their 100th anniversary by commemorating their remarkable century in the entertainment industry. They are releasing a collection of restored shorts, offering surprises over 100 days, and launching fresh Funko collectibles. Pixar is also presenting limited theatrical runs of beloved favorites like “Toy Story,” “The Incredibles,” and “Coco.”

What can viewers expect from the exclusive trailer released by Disney?

The exclusive trailer showcases a magical glimpse into the vast collection of Disney classics that have captured hearts over the years. It features iconic characters, breathtaking animation, and a reminder that great stories truly endure. The trailer also highlights the diverse range of content available on Disney+, from beloved animated features to franchises like Marvel, Star Wars, and The Simpsons.

How can Disney fans participate in the 100th-anniversary celebration?

Disney fans can join in the 100th-anniversary celebration by immersing themselves in the wide array of content offered by Disney. They can enjoy the restored shorts on Disney+, explore the extensive library of films and shows, collect fresh Funko characters, and even attend limited theatrical runs of Pixar favorites. The celebration provides an opportunity to engage with the rich legacy of Disney and make lasting memories.

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