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‘Ferrari’ Slated to Conclude New York Film Festival This Year

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The New York Film Festival is set to culminate with the unveiling of Michael Mann’s Ferrari, a gripping drama centered around Enzo Ferrari wrestling with personal and financial turmoil.
Adam Driver is cast in the role of Enzo Ferrari, and Penélope Cruz depicts his spouse, Laura. The duo’s corporation is teetering on the edge of insolvency, further compounding their woes.
The film, set in the year 1957, delves into Enzo’s quest for solace by entering the gruelling Mille Miglia race as he seeks a renewed sense of direction.

This year’s New York Film Festival is all set to conclude with the much-anticipated premiere of Michael Mann’s Ferrari, a dramatic representation of a racing legend grappling with personal chaos. Adam Driver will be seen portraying Enzo Ferrari, the renowned Formula One driver who finds himself momentarily lost amid the unfolding events of his life. Penélope Cruz joins him on the silver screen as she brings to life Laura Ferrari, his wife. The couple faces a severe crisis as the business they built over the years teeters on the brink of bankruptcy, threatening the legacy they sacrificed greatly to establish.

The narrative is set against the backdrop of the summer of 1957, a tumultuous time for Enzo and Laura with an array of challenges to confront. Alongside the financial hardships due to the looming downfall of their business, the couple is also grieving the loss of their only child. In a desperate bid to invigorate his spirits, Enzo decides to take part in one of the circuit’s most formidable races, the Mille Miglia. His unwavering passion and determination to regain control of his world are the pivotal forces driving the protagonist’s journey.

Ferrari is Michael Mann’s first directorial venture since Blackhat, a riveting thriller centered on a malevolent hacker who wreaks havoc by compromising crucial security systems globally. The protagonist, Nicholas Hathaway (played by Chris Hemsworth), is enlisted to neutralize the impending threat, but the cunning hacker seems to be always a step ahead. The face-off intensifies to a point where the adversaries must confront each other alone, with the world’s security hanging by a thread.

‘Ferrari’: Cast, Plot, Filming Details, And Everything You Need to Know About Michael Mann’s Upcoming Film

The Cream of the Crop of Cinema in the Big Apple

The current edition of the New York Film Festival is scheduled to run from September 29 to October 15, giving critics worldwide a glimpse into the forthcoming releases. Priscilla, a drama based on Elvis Presley’s romantic partner and directed by Sofia Coppola, is part of the line-up, along with May December. This autumn, New York City will host the premiere of numerous films vying for attention ahead of the award season next year, offering a friendly competition among the best the film industry has to offer.

Ferrari is set to have its domestic premiere this fall at the NYFF, with STX Entertainment and its associates managing international distribution. NEON holds the distribution rights for North America. The date for wide release remains unannounced. Catch Adam Driver’s interview with FilmSweep below:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Film Festival

What is the film ‘Ferrari’ about?

‘Ferrari’ is a drama film directed by Michael Mann, depicting the emotional and financial crises faced by Enzo Ferrari, a former racer. Adam Driver stars as Enzo Ferrari, while Penélope Cruz portrays his wife, Laura. The couple’s company is on the verge of bankruptcy, and the film follows Enzo’s attempt to find solace and purpose by participating in the challenging race, the Mille Miglia, in the year 1957.

When will ‘Ferrari’ premiere?

‘Ferrari’ will have its premiere at the New York Film Festival (NYFF) this year.

Who are the main actors in the film?

The film stars Adam Driver as Enzo Ferrari and Penélope Cruz as his wife, Laura Ferrari.

What is the setting of the film?

The film is set in 1957.

Who is the director of ‘Ferrari’?

Michael Mann is the director of ‘Ferrari.’

What other films has Michael Mann directed?

Michael Mann’s previous directorial work includes the thriller ‘Blackhat,’ centered around a malevolent hacker, portrayed by Chris Hemsworth.

Which race does Enzo Ferrari participate in the film?

Enzo Ferrari takes part in the challenging race, the Mille Miglia, in an attempt to find solace and a new sense of purpose.

What is the release date for ‘Ferrari’?

The wide release date for ‘Ferrari’ has not been announced yet.

What other films are part of this year’s New York Film Festival?

Other films featured in this year’s NYFF lineup include ‘Priscilla,’ a drama about Elvis Presley’s romantic partner, directed by Sofia Coppola, and ‘May December.’

Who handles the international distribution of ‘Ferrari’?

The international distribution of ‘Ferrari’ is handled by STX Entertainment and its partners.

Who has the North American distribution rights for ‘Ferrari’?

NEON holds the distribution rights for ‘Ferrari’ in North America.

How long will the New York Film Festival run?

The New York Film Festival will take place from September 29 to October 15 this year.

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