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First ‘All of Us Strangers’ Image: Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott Share Intimate Moment

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All of Us Strangers

Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott take on the lead roles in the film adaptation of Taichi Yamada’s acclaimed novel, Strangers, set in modern-day London. The movie, titled All of Us Strangers, is directed by Andrew Haigh and boasts a star-studded cast, including Claire Foy and Jamie Bell. The eagerly anticipated film is scheduled to hit theaters on December 22.

Over a year ago, it was revealed that Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott would be portraying the main characters in the latest retelling of Taichi Yamada’s award-winning novel, Strangers. Originally published in Japanese in 1988 and later translated into English in 2004, the story is now getting a fresh perspective under the direction and screenplay of Andrew Haigh (known for Weekend). Joining Mescal and Scott in this cinematic journey are Jamie Bell and Claire Foy. After much anticipation, Searchlight Pictures has finally released a captivating sneak peek, capturing the blossoming connection between Adam (played by Scott) and Harry (played by Mescal).

In the unveiled image, we witness Harry’s arm tenderly wrapped around Adam as the two share an intimate moment in a nightclub. Both men seem content and happy, hinting at the central focus of the film—the evolution of their relationship.

While the original narrative unfolded in Tokyo during the 1980s, Haigh’s adaptation takes place in modern London. The story revolves around Adam, a solitary aspiring screenwriter residing in a developed area of the city, who encounters his enigmatic neighbor, Harry. As their bond deepens, Adam’s life takes a surprising turn when strange occurrences from his past resurface. The most unsettling revelation is the existence of two individuals (played by Foy and Bell) closely resembling his deceased parents, residing in his childhood home after three decades. With his connection to Harry intensifying, Adam finds himself facing unforeseen challenges.

Behind the scenes of All of Us Strangers are talented individuals, with Andrew Haigh handling both writing and directing duties. Blueprint, led by producers Pete Czerin and Graham Broadbent, along with Sarah Harvey, is in charge of bringing the film to life for Searchlight Pictures. The executive production team includes Diarmuid McKeown and Ben Knight from Blueprint, as well as Daniel Battsek, Farhana Bhula, and Ollie Madden from Film4. Searchlight’s DanTram Nguyen and Katie Goodson-Thomas will oversee the project, assisted by Kim Tance, Apolline Berty, and Jaya Campbell.

Paul Mescal, who has already earned critical acclaim with an Academy Award and BAFTA nomination, is on a roll with multiple film releases lined up. All of Us Strangers marks just the beginning of his impressive lineup, with other projects such as Gladiator 2, Merrily We Roll Along, and Foe on the horizon. As for Andrew Scott, a BAFTA recipient, he recently starred alongside Bella Ramsey in Catherine Called Birdy and is set to feature in Seth Gordon’s Back in Action, alongside esteemed actors like Glenn Close and Jamie Foxx.

Prepare for an emotional journey as All of Us Strangers arrives in theaters on December 22. Check out the captivating first image below, courtesy of Searchlight Pictures.

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