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From Almost Thor to The Northman: Alexander Skarsgård’s Journey in the MCU

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MCU Casting Process

In the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), the casting process is a tale of auditions, screen tests, and the quest for the perfect fit. It’s a story where reputations don’t matter as much as raw talent, and where even a Scandinavian vampire can come oh-so-close to wielding Mjölnir before fate steps in. In an excerpt from the upcoming book MCU: The Reign of Marvel Studios, casting director Sarah Halley Finn reveals that Alexander Skarsgård, famous for his role in True Blood, nearly became Thor before transforming into “The Northman.”

Thor’s Hammer and the Scandinavian Connection

Thor, the brash and occasionally arrogant Norse God of Thunder, was a highly coveted role in the MCU. Ultimately, the iconic character was brought to life by Chris Hemsworth. However, the road to casting the perfect Thor was paved with auditions and surprises. One of the leading contenders was Alexander Skarsgård, whose portrayal of Eric Northman in True Blood had captured the hearts of viewers.

Skarsgård’s Scandinavian heritage, hailing from Sweden, made him a prime candidate. With his natural blonde hair and imposing physique, he seemed like he could have stepped right out of the pages of Norse mythology. At the time, True Blood was a sensation on cable television, and Skarsgård’s star was on the rise. To sweeten the deal, his father, Stellan Skarsgård, was also cast in Thor as Dr. Erik Selvig, a renowned physicist.

Auditions: The Great Equalizer

Sarah Halley Finn, the MCU’s casting wizard, emphasized that reputations counted for only so much in Marvel’s world. Auditions and screen tests were the true crucibles for selecting the right actor for the right role. These auditions were intimate affairs, attended by a select few, including Marvel Studios’ key producers and, whenever possible, the film’s director.

The audition process itself was a multi-phase journey. Initially, contenders would engage in scene readings, often called “sides” in the industry. These readings could occur in person or through recorded auditions for those not in Los Angeles. Subsequent rounds were designed to peel back the layers of the characters, evaluating chemistry between actors, and even testing how convincingly they donned costumes or inhabited the superhero world.

The Hemsworth Twist

Chris Hemsworth’s journey to becoming Thor is itself a story of perseverance and sibling rivalry. In the first round of auditions, he didn’t make the cut. Meanwhile, his brother, Liam Hemsworth, made it to round two, at one point even auditioning in a Pepper Potts wig, no less. Fueled by the determination not to be outdone by his younger brother, Chris earned a second audition, this time with his mother reading Odin’s lines beside him.

Director Kenneth Branagh was impressed by Hemsworth’s ability to capture the essence of Thor. Branagh noted, “He did it with such relish, such fun, a sense of danger. He was able to occupy the character of Thor in a way that seemed just right to us.” In May 2009, Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston were cast as Thor and Loki, respectively, and the rest, as they say, is history.

From Thor to The Northman

While Alexander Skarsgård didn’t don Thor’s iconic red cape, his journey in the MCU continued in a different direction. Fast forward to today, and he’s set to star in “The Northman,” another Norse-inspired epic, but this time as a Viking warrior seeking vengeance. It’s proof that in the ever-evolving MCU, even those who miss out on one iconic role can find themselves embarking on another epic adventure.

As fans eagerly await MCU: The Reign of Marvel Studios, it’s clear that behind the dazzling special effects and superhero stardom lies a world where auditions, screen tests, and second chances can make all the difference. So, while Alexander Skarsgård may not have wielded Mjölnir, his journey from “almost Thor” to “The Northman” is a testament to the ever-unfolding narrative of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about MCU Casting Process

Q: Who was in consideration for the role of Thor in the MCU before Chris Hemsworth was cast?

A: Before Chris Hemsworth secured the role of Thor, Alexander Skarsgård, known for his role in True Blood, was one of the top contenders. His Scandinavian heritage and striking physical appearance made him an ideal candidate, but ultimately, Hemsworth won the role after a second audition.

Q: What does the casting process in the Marvel Cinematic Universe involve?

A: The casting process in the MCU is a meticulous journey that includes auditions, screen tests, and various rounds of assessment. It typically begins with scene readings, followed by chemistry tests between actors, and even costume or set assessments to see how well actors fit into the superhero world.

Q: What role did sibling rivalry play in Chris Hemsworth’s casting as Thor?

A: Chris Hemsworth’s journey to becoming Thor involved sibling rivalry. Initially, he failed to make it past the first round of auditions, while his brother, Liam Hemsworth, progressed to the second round. Determined not to be outdone by his younger brother, Chris earned a second audition, ultimately winning over the casting team and securing the role.

Q: What contribution did director Kenneth Branagh make to Chris Hemsworth’s casting as Thor?

A: Director Kenneth Branagh played a crucial role in Chris Hemsworth’s casting as Thor. He was impressed by Hemsworth’s ability to embody the character with enthusiasm, a sense of danger, and the right balance. Branagh’s endorsement helped solidify Hemsworth’s position as the God of Thunder.

Q: What is Alexander Skarsgård’s current role in the MCU?

A: While Alexander Skarsgård didn’t become Thor, he continues to be a part of the MCU in a different capacity. He is set to star in “The Northman,” an upcoming Norse-inspired epic, where he plays a Viking warrior seeking vengeance.

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