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Hollywood Foreign Press Association to Dissolve as Golden Globes Move to New Organization

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The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) is set to dissolve as the Golden Globes undergo a significant transition. Recently, Dick Clark Productions and Elridge acquired all the assets, rights, and properties of the Golden Globes from the corrupt organization, freeing the prestigious awards from the shackles of the HFPA. Consequently, the HFPA, with its questionable membership base, will cease to function immediately and dissolve.

In an official statement, it was announced that the 81st edition of the Golden Globe Awards is scheduled for Sunday, January 7, 2024. However, the event currently lacks a broadcast partner since the longstanding contract with NBC has concluded. Negotiations have been underway with various outlets, including NBC.

The dissolution of the HFPA is seen as a positive development for the entertainment industry, as the organization had been plagued by a series of controversies and had become a toxic brand. In 2022, due to the HFPA’s lack of diversity, the Golden Globe Awards were held without a televised ceremony. Although the 2023 awards returned to television, they garnered record-low viewership of only 6.3 million.

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Understanding the Background and Relevance of the Golden Globe Awards

The Troubled History of the HFPA

Over the years, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has faced significant controversy. The primary source of concern stems from the organization’s lack of diversity and questionable ethical practices. Firstly, the HFPA has been criticized for its limited racial and ethnic diversity among its members. With around 90 voting members, the HFPA has faced accusations of excluding qualified journalists from diverse or underrepresented backgrounds. This lack of diversity has raised widespread concerns about bias and fairness. Secondly, the HFPA has been accused of ethical misconduct and conflicts of interest, specifically regarding accepting lavish gifts and trips from studios and production companies. Such practices cast doubt on their objectivity and impartiality in the voting process, calling into question the integrity of the Golden Globe Awards and the credibility of their outcomes.

Additionally, the questionable behavior of notable individuals attending the awards has further raised concerns about the ethical stance of participating in the ceremony. In 2018, actor Brendan Fraser accused Philip Berk, the HFPA’s eight-time president, of sexually assaulting him in 2003. Fraser’s revelation resulted in the actor being blacklisted and facing a personal breakdown. Berk attempted to dismiss the accusations publicly and offered a private, insincere apology.

During that time, the HFPA conducted an internal investigation, which concluded that the incident had indeed occurred but was intended as a joke. However, they chose not to disclose the investigator’s findings to Fraser and instead asked for his endorsement of a collective statement. Fraser rightfully refused. Consequently, he decided not to attend the ceremony that year, despite being nominated for Best Actor in a Dramatic Film. Undoubtedly, news of the acquisition of Golden Globes’ assets by Dick Clark Productions and Elridge is a welcome development.

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