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Jaime Reyes’ Hero Journey Takes an Unconventional Turn in New ‘Blue Beetle’ Poster

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The upcoming film ‘Blue Beetle’ holds significant promise for DC, aiming to redeem the brand after recent box office disappointments by featuring a Latino superhero as its lead for the first time.

The latest poster for ‘Blue Beetle’ includes a clever Easter egg that references DC Comics’ Big Belly Burger, a well-known fast food chain in the DC Universe. The movie follows the story of Jaime Reyes, who unexpectedly becomes the host of an advanced alien scarab, forcing him to come to terms with his newfound powers and confront the villainous Victoria Kord.

Despite DC’s struggles at the box office in 2023 with films like ‘Shazam! Fury of the Gods’ and ‘The Flash,’ ‘Blue Beetle’ appears to be the beacon of hope for the studio. Centered around the beloved young DC hero, the movie is set to hit theaters later this month, and its marketing campaign has been in full swing, introducing audiences to cinema’s first Latino superhero through TV spots, featurettes, and merchandise.

The new poster showcases Blue Beetle’s alien scarab inside a Big Belly Burger box, a nod to the rich history of the DC Universe. Although the fast food chain isn’t directly tied to a specific hero, it has been a recurring element in DC Comics and has even made appearances in popular CW shows like ‘Arrow,’ ‘The Flash,’ and ‘Supergirl.’

Easter eggs are a hallmark of the comic book genre, and it’s exciting to see ‘Blue Beetle’ pay homage to DC’s legacy, even incorporating a reference to Big Belly Burger. In the movie, it seems that Jaime Reyes stumbles upon the scarab amidst a mix-up with the fast food chain, as depicted in previous trailers where the scarab attaches itself to his face from a similar burger box.

‘Blue Beetle’ follows the journey of a young man named Jaime Reyes (portrayed by Xolo Maridueña), who is chosen by an advanced alien scarab (played by Becky G) to be its new host. Bestowed with a technologically advanced supersuit capable of creating various weapons, Jaime faces the challenge of not wanting to be a superhero, while also grappling with the scarab’s independent consciousness. The film serves as a classic coming-of-age story as Jaime takes control of his destiny while navigating the complexities of his newfound abilities, all while facing off against the menacing Victoria Kord, portrayed by Susan Sarandon.

The highly anticipated ‘Blue Beetle’ is scheduled for release on August 18, 2023. Despite concerns about its box office performance, the film holds tremendous importance as it pioneers the first-ever Latino superhero to lead their own movie. With its deep-rooted comic book history and the creative potential it possesses, ‘Blue Beetle’ seems determined to make a lasting impact. The new poster below gives a glimpse into the thrilling journey that awaits audiences.

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