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Jason Momoa Swims Back Into Action in First ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’ Teaser Trailer

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Jason Momoa, the hulking hero of the seas, is making a splash back into action as Aquaman in the highly anticipated sequel, “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.” The first teaser trailer for this aquatic adventure has just surfaced, and it’s already generating tidal waves of excitement among fans.

To put it in context, the original “Aquaman” movie was like a hidden treasure chest for DC Comics. In a cinematic universe often overshadowed by its Marvel counterpart, “Aquaman” surfaced as a massive success story. It managed to reel in over $1.148 billion at the box office and garnered critical acclaim, proving that even lesser-known heroes can shine on the silver screen. This success was like a refreshing dip in the ocean for DC after the turbulent waters of “Justice League.”

So, it was only a matter of time before the sequel, “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom,” got the green light. Despite some delays caused by the pandemic and post-production challenges, this long-awaited sequel is finally set to make its big splash on December 20th, 2022.

Returning as Arthur Curry/Aquaman, Jason Momoa leads an all-star cast that includes the likes of Patrick Wilson, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Nicole Kidman, and Temeura Morrison. The first teaser trailer, though short and sweet, promises more of the fun, frothiness, and action that made the first film a success. Plus, it gives us a sneak peek at a particularly buff Patrick Wilson, who’s returning as Aquaman’s half-brother, Orm.

In case you’re not familiar with the Aquaman storyline, the first film followed the journey of Arthur Curry, a half-human, half-Atlantean hero who reluctantly embraces his destiny as the rightful ruler of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis. When his half-brother Orm seeks to unite the underwater kingdoms and wage war on the surface world, Arthur sets out to stop him. Along the way, he’s joined by Mera, a fierce warrior played by Amber Heard, and together, they face mythical creatures, uncover Atlantis’ secrets, and strive to prevent a catastrophic war. Arthur learns to embrace his heritage and truly become Aquaman in the process.

Now, onto the intriguing plot of “Lost Kingdom.” Black Manta, who failed to defeat Aquaman in their previous encounter, is back with a vengeance, driven by the need to avenge his father’s death. This time, he wields the mythical Black Trident, a powerful weapon that unleashes an ancient and malevolent force. To stop Black Manta, Aquaman must forge an unlikely alliance with his imprisoned brother Orm, the former King of Atlantis. They must put aside their differences to protect their kingdom, save Aquaman’s family, and prevent irreversible destruction from befalling the world.

The returning cast members include Jason Momoa as Aquaman, who now juggles his duties as the King of Atlantis and a new father. Patrick Wilson reprises his role as Orm, Aquaman’s half-brother, now reluctantly aligned with his sibling. Amber Heard returns as Mera, the Queen of Atlantis and mother to the heir to the throne, while Yahya Abdul-Mateen II takes on the role of Black Manta, more determined than ever to avenge his father’s death. Nicole Kidman returns as Atlanna, a fierce leader with the heart of a warrior. Additionally, Dolph Lundgren reprises his role as King Nereus, and Randall Park returns as Dr. Stephen Shin.

You can dive right into the excitement by checking out the first trailer for “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” below. Remember, this aquatic adventure is set to make a big splash in theaters worldwide on December 20th, so mark your calendars, and get ready for an epic underwater journey!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Q: When is “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” set to release?

A: “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” is scheduled to hit theaters worldwide on December 20th, 2022.

Q: Who are the key cast members returning for this sequel?

A: The sequel stars Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry/Aquaman, Patrick Wilson as Orm, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Black Manta, Amber Heard as Mera, and Nicole Kidman as Atlanna, among others.

Q: Can you provide a brief overview of the plot for “Lost Kingdom”?

A: In the sequel, Black Manta, armed with the powerful Black Trident, seeks revenge on Aquaman. To stop this threat, Aquaman forms an unlikely alliance with his imprisoned brother Orm. Together, they must protect Atlantis, Aquaman’s family, and the world from impending destruction.

Q: What made the original “Aquaman” film stand out in the DC Extended Universe?

A: “Aquaman” was a surprise hit in the DC universe, grossing over $1.148 billion and receiving critical acclaim. It was praised for its fun, action-packed storyline, which was a departure from some of its darker predecessors like “Justice League.”

Q: Is “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” a direct continuation of the first film’s story?

A: Yes, the sequel continues the story of Arthur Curry/Aquaman as he faces new challenges and threats to Atlantis and the surface world, building upon the events of the first movie.

Q: Will the sequel retain the same elements that made the original film successful?

A: The first teaser trailer suggests that “Lost Kingdom” will maintain the fun, action, and charm that endeared the original to audiences, with Jason Momoa returning as the charismatic Aquaman.

Q: Where can I watch the first trailer for “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom”?

A: You can watch the first trailer for the film by checking it out online or on official movie platforms. It offers a sneak peek into the thrilling underwater adventure awaiting audiences.

Q: Are there any new characters or elements introduced in this sequel?

A: While the primary focus is on the returning characters, there may be new elements and surprises introduced in the sequel to keep the storyline fresh and engaging for both new and returning fans.

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