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‘Jurassic Park’ Unleashes Dino-Sized 30th Anniversary Line Courtesy of RSVLTS

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Jurassic Park 30th-Anniversary Collection

The Wide Lens

RSVLTS is marking Jurassic Park’s 30th trip around the sun with an all-new clothing line, chock-full of button-up shirts adorned with iconic imagery from the film. With its enduring practical effects and animatronics, Jurassic Park has stood the test of time, proving that good ol’ practical effects have an unshakable place in cinematic history. While you wait for your new Jurassic Park-themed threads to arrive, you can stream the classic film on Hulu, thanks to the collection’s availability on RSVLTS’ website.

It’s almost surreal that the Spielbergian masterpiece, Jurassic Park, has hit its 30th milestone this year. Going big, the celebration has included everything from new toys and Funko Pops to exclusive apparel and special film screenings. Entering the Mesozoic merrymaking, RSVLTS has launched an eye-popping clothing line that’s pure dino candy.

Feast your eyes on a wardrobe full of button-up shirts that are as rad as they are roaringly awesome. From the iconic T. Rex giving chase to the Jeep, to a swarm of cunning Velociraptors, and the humorous Mr. DNA, this collection covers all bases. Let’s not forget the inaugural “clever girl” scene where a raptor turns the tables on an ill-fated park employee. There’s even one where Dr. Hammond marvels at a Brachiosaurus chomping away—recreating a classic cinematic moment. But wait, there’s more! A shirt even mimics the colors of the famed Jurassic Park Jeep. The collection’s adult sizes will set you back $70, while youth sizes are priced at $45. And for those with a penchant for chaos theory, a $72 long-sleeved black button-up featuring Dr. Malcolm comes with a complimentary set of “chaos blocker” shades.

Jurassic Park’s Beefy Imprint

Look, it’s pretty clear by now that Jurassic Park is a league of its own. Whether you’re enamored by Spielberg’s storytelling genius, entranced by John Williams’ memorable score, or captivated by the stellar acting—this 1993 roller coaster of a film is basically a cinematic unicorn.

In our age of pixel-overload, Jurassic Park remains the irrefutable champ of practical effects. Credit goes to Stan Winston and his team for creating dino animatronics that, even today, haven’t lost an ounce of their realism. That’s why this movie endures as an eternal classic. If the dinosaurs felt fake, the movie would’ve been a disaster, regardless of its strong story or visuals. While CGI was around in the early ’90s, Jurassic Park used it with restraint, largely because it wasn’t up to snuff for Spielberg’s visionary demands. The magic lies in believing you could actually reach out and pet a Velociraptor. The dinosaurs look and feel as real as they come, and RSVLTS reminds us how Jurassic Park nailed this monumental cinematic feat.

When Can You Get Your Hands on this Prehistoric Haul?

The Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary collection by RSVLTS is up for grabs right now on their official website. While you eagerly await your new dino gear, the film itself is ready for streaming on Hulu, serving as the perfect appetizer for your Jurassic Park sartorial feast. Trailer included below for your viewing pleasure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Jurassic Park 30th-Anniversary Collection

What is the RSVLTS Jurassic Park 30th-Anniversary Collection?

The RSVLTS Jurassic Park 30th-Anniversary Collection is a newly launched clothing line to celebrate the film’s 30th anniversary. It features button-up shirts with iconic scenes and designs from the movie, ranging from the T. Rex chase to Velociraptors and even Mr. DNA.

Who would enjoy the RSVLTS Jurassic Park collection?

Anyone who’s a fan of Jurassic Park or classic movies with timeless practical effects would get a kick out of this collection. If you ever wanted to sport a shirt with Dr. Hammond watching a Brachiosaurus, this is your moment.

How much does the apparel cost?

Adult short-sleeve button-up shirts in this collection are priced at $70. Youth sizes are available for $45. There’s also a special long-sleeve black button-up featuring Dr. Malcolm that costs $72 and comes with a free pair of “chaos blocker” sunglasses.

Where can I buy the RSVLTS Jurassic Park Collection?

The collection is available exclusively on the RSVLTS website. Hurry up if you want to nab some dino-themed threads before they go extinct!

What else is being done to celebrate Jurassic Park’s 30th anniversary?

Besides the RSVLTS collection, the 30th anniversary has been celebrated with new toys, Funko Pops, other clothing lines, and special movie screenings, creating a bonanza of prehistoric fun.

Can I stream Jurassic Park online while waiting for my order to arrive?

Absolutely, the movie is available for streaming on Hulu. So you can get yourself into the Jurassic mood while you wait for your apparel to arrive.

What makes Jurassic Park stand out even 30 years later?

The movie’s enduring appeal is largely due to its timeless practical effects and animatronics, which still hold up to this day. Credit goes to Stan Winston and his team for bringing incredibly realistic dinosaurs to life on the big screen.

What other scenes are featured on the shirts in this collection?

Among the iconic scenes, you’ll find the T. Rex chasing the Jeep, Velociraptors on the hunt, the “clever girl” moment, and Dr. Hammond with a Brachiosaurus. Plus, one shirt even mimics the colors of the original Jurassic Park Jeep.

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PracticalFX_Rulez August 26, 2023 - 7:47 pm

Hats off to mentioning Stan Winston. CGI’s cool n all, but nothing beats the real deal. These shirts? Take my money, like now.

MusicMaven August 26, 2023 - 7:56 pm

No love for John Williams in the shirts? Cmon, the guy gave us the soundtrack of our childhoods!

StreamKing August 26, 2023 - 9:51 pm

Hulu for the win! Love that I can binge the movie while I wait for my order. This is how you do anniversaries, people.

Chaos_Theory_101 August 27, 2023 - 3:00 am

Dr. Malcolm shirt comes with “chaos blocker” shades? I’m sold, this is a must-have!

GeekChic August 27, 2023 - 3:33 am

the youth sizes are $45? Guess my kiddo’s gonna rock some JP too. Family style, ya know?

DinoFan93 August 27, 2023 - 8:29 am

Man, can’t believe JP is 30 already! Feels like yesterday I was watching it with my jaw on the floor. This collection is lit, deffo gonna get that T. Rex shirt!

MovieBuff_Gary August 27, 2023 - 8:31 am

I’ve been a Spielberg fanatic since I was a kid. This line captures the magic, ya know? Its like reliving the movie but in shirt form. Mind-blowing.

VelociRaptorGirl August 27, 2023 - 8:37 am

“Clever girl” scene is on a shirt?! That’s it, im buying the whole collection. Take my money RSVLTS!

TechTalker August 27, 2023 - 3:40 pm

Checked out the RSVLTS site. Their designs r top-notch. Always wondered what it’d be like to wear a scene from my fav movie.

NostalgiaQueen August 27, 2023 - 4:40 pm

30 years and still the best. Just goes to show classics never die. Gotta grab some shirts for a Jurassic movie night.


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