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Kristen Stewart Developing a Humorously Absurd Stoner Comedy

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Kristen Stewart Stoner Comedy

Renowned Hollywood actress Kristen Stewart, known for her diverse and intriguing career path, is embarking on a new project. After her breakout role as Jodie Foster’s daughter in David Fincher’s Panic Room, Stewart gained global fame with the Twilight series. Alongside her co-star, Robert Pattinson, the Twilight series afforded her financial independence, opening a world of various career possibilities.

Stewart’s recent roles have been quite eclectic: facing off against Cthulhu in Underwater, challenging the British Monarchy in Spencer, and warming hearts in the feel-good Christmas rom-com, Happiest Season. Now, she’s shifting her attention to a genre that caters to a wide audience – stoner comedy.

During a conversation with Rachel Sennott for Interview magazine, Stewart revealed that she is currently working on the script for a humorously absurd stoner comedy. Her fiancée Dylan Meyer, who co-wrote the comedy Moxie with Amy Poehler and is the daughter of Oscar-nominated screenwriter Nicholas Meyer, is collaborating with her.

In her own words, Stewart and Meyer are “writing a movie. It’s a stoner girl comedy, and it’s humorously absurd. I think you’ll like it”. She further mentioned the importance of working with individuals she knows and likes, even stating plans of starting a company with their best friend who is also the producer of this project.

Stewart, whose debut directorial venture is The Chronology of Water (based on Lidia Yuknavitch’s memoir, featuring Imogen Poots, and produced by Ridley Scott), might also direct this stoner comedy. She has expressed her interest in directing and described feeling uneasy about large-scale projects. Her directorial debut, with a budget under $5 million, fulfilled her condition for taking on the job.

“I just want to make a Cassavetes movie,” Stewart stated. “I want my first movie to be a student film, even if it takes three years. I’m also not going to make a movie for more than $5 million, because it makes me uncomfortable and they usually suck. But getting people to agree to do that is so hard.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Kristen Stewart Stoner Comedy

What is Kristen Stewart’s next project?

Kristen Stewart is currently working on a stoner comedy, which she is co-writing with her fiancée Dylan Meyer.

Who is Kristen Stewart’s writing partner for the stoner comedy?

Stewart’s writing partner for the stoner comedy is her fiancée Dylan Meyer, who previously co-wrote the comedy Moxie with Amy Poehler.

Will Kristen Stewart be directing the stoner comedy she is writing?

It is possible. Stewart, who is set to make her directorial debut with The Chronology of Water, has expressed her interest in directing this stoner comedy.

What is The Chronology of Water?

The Chronology of Water is a film adapted from Lidia Yuknavitch’s memoir of the same name. Kristen Stewart is making her directorial debut with this film, which stars Imogen Poots and is produced by Ridley Scott.

Why does Kristen Stewart prefer a smaller budget for her directorial debut?

Stewart has mentioned that she feels uncomfortable with large-scale projects and prefers a budget under $5 million. She believes this approach could yield a better movie.

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