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‘M3GAN’ Now Available on Amazon Prime Video

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M3GAN on Amazon Prime Video

The year 2023 has continued the trend of producing outstanding horror cinema, a journey that kicked off with the launch of the Blumhouse movie, M3GAN. This AI-focused horror thriller garnered excellent reviews and served as another blockbuster hit for the genre. Although it had previously been available on Blu-ray and Peacock, M3GAN can now be enjoyed in its full brilliance on Amazon Prime Video.

Worth mentioning is that only the PG-13 theatrical version is currently available on Prime Video. The unrated version, which was previously included on Blu-ray and the Peacock release, is not part of the Prime offering. Despite this, missing out on the unrated version isn’t a disaster, as it merely incorporated about a minute of additional footage. Essentially, all the bloody scenes and a smattering of expletives were reintroduced. The narrative remains unchanged across both versions. While M3GAN has been removed from Peacock, the unrated version can be acquired or leased on various VOD platforms, Prime Video included.

The Plot of M3GAN?

Drawing heavily from films like Child’s Play, where a toy springs to life and embarks on a killing spree, M3GAN takes a more contemporary, realistic approach. The increasing concern about AI takes the forefront, and the narrative sheds light on how major corporations exploit catastrophes, especially those involving children. The plot follows Cady, who is forced to live with her Aunt Gemma, a robotic engineer at a leading toy company, after her parents perish in a dreadful snow plow accident. Instead of forming a connection with her niece, Gemma develops M3GAN to fulfill the emotional role, which works initially until M3GAN’s lethal tendencies start to surface.

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The Arrival of M3GAN 2.0

Thanks to its poignant social critique, impressive suspense, and unforgettable horror scenes, M3GAN raked in a staggering $179.1 million globally, all on a modest budget of $12 million. A sequel, aptly titled M3GAN 2.0, was swiftly approved and is slated for an early 2025 release. Before you launch M3GAN on Amazon Prime Video, feel free to check out the film’s trailer provided below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about M3GAN on Amazon Prime Video

What is M3GAN?

M3GAN is a 2023 AI-focused horror thriller film produced by Blumhouse. The film centers around an AI toy named M3GAN, who, instead of fulfilling its intended role, develops lethal tendencies.

Where can I stream M3GAN?

As of now, you can stream M3GAN on Amazon Prime Video. However, only the PG-13 theatrical cut is available. The unrated cut can be rented or purchased on various Video-on-Demand platforms, including Prime Video.

Are there any differences between the PG-13 and unrated cuts of M3GAN?

The unrated cut has about a minute of additional footage, including bloody scenes and a few expletives. However, the core storyline remains the same in both versions.

Is there a sequel to M3GAN?

Yes, a sequel to M3GAN, titled M3GAN 2.0, was quickly greenlit following the success of the first film. It is slated for an early 2025 release.

What is the main theme of M3GAN?

While drawing influence from horror classics like Child’s Play, M3GAN focuses on contemporary issues such as AI panic and the exploitation of tragedies by major corporations. The narrative follows the main character, Cady, and her interactions with M3GAN, an AI toy created by her aunt.

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horror_junkie666 June 28, 2023 - 2:36 pm

Seen M3GAN on Peacock before, so happy its on Prime now! Here’s hoping M3GAN 2.0 lives up to the first

ScaryMovieFan93 June 29, 2023 - 2:26 am

OMG, M3GAN was totally lit! I remember jumping out of my seat a couple times… good times. Cant wait for the sequel!!

PrimeWatcher2023 June 29, 2023 - 5:40 am

Just watched M3GAN on Prime. Cool plot but why is the unrated version not there? Missing out on the blood scenes man.

AI_Skeptic June 29, 2023 - 6:07 am

honestly i’m kinda over the whole AI gone bad trope…still, M3GAN had some fresh takes on it. Didn’t regret the watch.

StuckIn80s June 29, 2023 - 7:20 am

Movie was decent. but nothing beats Chucky’s terror tho… that’s the real stuff.


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