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Margot Robbie Takes You Through the ‘Barbie’ Dreamhouse in New Set Tour Video

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Take a behind-the-scenes tour of the enchanting ‘Barbie’ Dreamhouse with Margot Robbie in an exclusive video shared by Architectural Digest. In this captivating glimpse, Margot Robbie, who stars as Barbie in Greta Gerwig’s latest film, guides viewers through the extravagant set. Serving as Barbie’s home, the house is an exquisite display of beauty, filled with ornamental paintings depicting skies and refrigerator contents, and adorned with vibrant shades of pink. It’s a visual spectacle that only Barbie could truly appreciate, complete with a slide directly into her very own pool.

The upcoming movie presents Barbie in an extraordinary predicament, as she finds herself grappling with existential doubts. Despite the seemingly perfect world she inhabits, filled with lively parties and musical numbers, Barbie senses a void and yearns for something more profound than merely being a flawless doll. When she shares her concerns with her devoted partner, Ken (portrayed by Ryan Gosling), he struggles to comprehend why Barbie desires to depart from their idyllic lifestyle. Nevertheless, he remains ever supportive of his girlfriend. Finally, the time arrives for Barbie to bid farewell to her dream house and embark on new adventures in the real world.

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Barbie’s newfound perspectives on life clash with the contentment of her village inhabitants, who relish the dreamlike existence they lead. The townsfolk embody various versions of Barbie and Ken, named after their favored hobbies or societal roles. Notably, Dua Lipa and John Cena portray Mermaid Barbie and Merman Ken respectively, transforming into aquatic beings with shimmering tails instead of legs. Additionally, Emma Mackey embodies a Barbie who possesses a profound understanding of physics.

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‘Margot Robbie & Ryan Gosling Set to Embark on a Global ‘Barbie’ Tour, Visiting Eight Cities Worldwide

Barbie Confronts a Corporate Adversary in Her Real-World Adventure

Just as Barbie’s unconventional ideas meet resistance in her homeland, a shocking revelation awaits the inhabitants of the real world—Barbie and her fellow dolls are alive. This realization proves to be a momentous surprise. Will Ferrell takes on the role of the Chief Executive Officer of Mattel, who, upon discovering that his products have come to life, embarks on a quest to unravel this mystery. Time will be of the essence for Barbie and Ken, as they rely on their swift roller-skating skills to elude trouble before it engulfs them. The summer of Barbie is already upon us.

Experience the enthralling set tour led by Margot Robbie in the video below, and prepare to witness the magic of ‘Barbie’ when the movie hits theaters on July 21:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Barbie Dreamhouse

Q: When will the ‘Barbie’ movie be released in theaters?

A: The ‘Barbie’ movie is set to open in theaters on July 21.

Q: Who plays the lead role of Barbie in the movie?

A: Margot Robbie portrays Barbie in the film.

Q: What is the premise of the movie?

A: The movie follows Barbie as she experiences existential doubts and seeks a more meaningful life beyond her perfect doll existence.

Q: Who is Barbie’s partner in the film?

A: Ken, Barbie’s partner, is played by Ryan Gosling.

Q: What is the significance of the Barbie Dreamhouse in the movie?

A: The Barbie Dreamhouse serves as the home for Barbie and is filled with beautiful yet impractical elements, including ornamental paintings and vibrant shades of pink.

Q: Are there other versions of Barbie and Ken in the movie?

A: Yes, the film features variations of Barbie and Ken within Barbie’s village, with characters like Mermaid Barbie (portrayed by Dua Lipa) and Merman Ken (portrayed by John Cena).

Q: Who plays the CEO of Mattel in the movie?

A: Will Ferrell takes on the role of the Chief Executive Officer of Mattel, who becomes intrigued by the living and breathing version of his product running freely in the real world.

Q: What challenges do Barbie and Ken face in the real world adventure?

A: Barbie and Ken must navigate unexpected obstacles while relying on their roller-skating skills to stay ahead of trouble.

Q: Can I watch a set tour video of the Barbie Dreamhouse?

A: Yes, you can watch Margot Robbie’s tour of the set from Barbie, providing a glimpse into the enchanting Dreamhouse.

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