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Matthew Vaughn Teases Mind-Blowing ‘Kick-Ass’ Reboot at NYCC

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Reboot Announcement

In a thrilling revelation at New York Comic-Con, director Matthew Vaughn dropped a bombshell that’s set to electrify fans of the Kick-Ass franchise. Prepare yourselves because Vaughn plans to give us a “f*cking crazy” reboot that promises to be unlike anything we’ve ever witnessed before in the superhero realm.

The audacious move to resurrect Kick-Ass is nothing short of exhilarating. This reboot aspires to rekindle the Kick-Ass universe, offering the same level of boundary-pushing creative violence that fans have come to crave. Vaughn, the visionary behind this daring venture, sat down with FilmSweep to provide a tantalizing glimpse into his plans. And let’s just say, his words have left us on the edge of our seats, eagerly awaiting the chaos to come.

Kick-Ass, back in 2010, took the superhero world by storm, shattering the mold with a unique blend of dark humor and satire. It was a refreshing and subversive take on the genre that also managed to be jaw-droppingly violent. So much so that even The Daily Mail managed to milk weeks’ worth of outrage from it. Now, that’s a testament to its audacity!

At its core, Kick-Ass presented ordinary individuals devoid of superhuman abilities attempting to become vigilante crimefighters. This was a significant departure from the traditional superhero narratives. And who could forget Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s portrayal of the titular character, a young man with absolutely zero fighting talent but a heart full of determination?

The saga continued with a sequel in 2013, staying true to the levels of mayhem set by its predecessor. And while a third installment is not off the table, Vaughn’s latest announcement hints at something even more insane.

During his chat with FilmSweep’s Maggie Lovitt, Vaughn pulled no punches: “This reboot is on a level that is like… I’ll probably get sued. It’s like nothing we’ve seen. We thought about Kick-Ass, we’re asking do we bring back the characters for Kick-Ass 3, and maybe one day we’ll do a Kick-Ass 3 with the characters, but that world needs to be reignited so it can’t be Kick-Ass without it kicking ass, and making people go ‘What was that about?'”

Vaughn then proceeded to elaborate, hinting at the kind of audacity that would make lawyers salivate. He’s penned something so “f*cking crazy” that he might genuinely find himself in legal hot water. For those of us who revel in boundary-breaking creative violence, this is music to our ears. However, don’t expect an immediate announcement. Vaughn’s next unnamed project starts production next week, and the official word on the Kick-Ass reboot is set for 2024.

“So we’ve written something that is so freaking crazy, that I’m really excited about it. And it will probably be announced in about six months to a year because I want to get it cast properly. The guys we’re making it with, we’re doing a movie due for release next year that’s starting next week. Kick-Ass is very important to me, on a personal level.”

Before we dive into the madness of this Kick-Ass reboot, Vaughn’s next film, “Argylle,” is slated for release in February 2024. Get ready for a wild cinematic ride, and stay tuned at FilmSweep for Lovitt’s full conversation with Vaughn, along with the rest of our electrifying coverage from NYCC.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Reboot Announcement

What is the big announcement at NYCC regarding Kick-Ass?

Renowned director Matthew Vaughn is teasing a mind-blowing “Kick-Ass” reboot, promising an unprecedented level of superhero chaos and creative violence.

What can we expect from this Kick-Ass reboot?

The reboot aims to reignite the Kick-Ass universe, delivering the same level of boundary-breaking creative violence that fans have come to love. Matthew Vaughn’s plans for this project are so audacious that he believes he might even face legal trouble over it.

How did the original Kick-Ass franchise make its mark in the superhero genre?

Back in 2010, the original Kick-Ass movie broke the superhero mold with its unique blend of dark humor, satire, and astonishing violence. It introduced ordinary people without superhuman abilities trying to become vigilante crimefighters, departing from traditional superhero narratives.

When can we anticipate an official announcement for the Kick-Ass reboot?

Matthew Vaughn’s next project begins production soon, and the official word on the Kick-Ass reboot isn’t expected until 2024. Expect more details in the coming months.

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SuperHeroFanatic October 16, 2023 - 6:09 pm

Can’t wait 4 more vigilante action! Kick-Ass was totally wicked, bring on the “f*cking crazy”!

FilmBuff007 October 16, 2023 - 7:19 pm

A reboot, huh? Hope they don’t mess up a classic! Vaughn better bring the same craziness!


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