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Meg Ryan Returns to the Rom-Com Scene with Initial Glimpses of ‘What Happens Later’

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Meg Ryan's Rom-Com Comeback


Meg Ryan is staging her return to romantic comedies with a fresh tale aptly titled ‘What Happens Later,’ delving into the complexities of reigniting an old flame. The narrative centers on Willa and Bill, who cross paths at an airport during a severe snowstorm, forcing them to ponder the viability of rekindling their once-passionate love affair. This marks Ryan’s first directorial effort since her 2015 project, solidifying the buzz around her triumphant return to a genre that gave her some of her most iconic roles, including the unforgettable ‘When Harry Met Sally.’

After earning her stripes in the rom-com arena, Meg Ryan is coming back to what she does best: exploring the nuances of love and its many complications. ‘What Happens Later’ examines the lives of two erstwhile lovers as they grapple with the question: is their meeting at the airport the work of fate or merely a prelude to another romantic misstep? Entertainment Weekly has offered fans a sneak peek into the film, revealing several intriguing snapshots of the protagonists in their unique predicament.

Co-starring with Ryan is David Duchovny, in a movie helmed by Ryan herself. The plot orbits around Willa (played by Ryan) and Bill (played by Duchovny), a formerly coupled pair who coincidentally encounter each other at an airport and find themselves stuck there because of a relentless snowstorm. Trapped in a confined space with abundant time to reconnect, the pair are faced with the existential query of whether their relationship is worth a second shot, or if they should just go their separate ways once the skies clear. The movie aims to answer this burning question when ‘What Happens Later’ lands in cinemas later this year.

This project is Ryan’s directorial follow-up to her 2015 drama ‘Ithaca,’ a touching story about a young boy who endeavors to support his family by delivering telegrams. Featuring Alex Neustaedter in the lead role, the film delves into the struggles the protagonist faces to ensure his family’s well-being. Although ‘Ithaca’ wasn’t a box-office smash, it did afford Ryan the opportunity to stretch her creative muscles by stepping into the director’s chair for the first time in her extensive career.

Iconic Love Stories Define Meg Ryan’s Career

Fans are champing at the bit to see Meg Ryan resurface in the rom-com genre, a realm where some of her greatest successes reside. Perhaps the crown jewel among her array of hits is ‘When Harry Met Sally.’ Here, Ryan shares the screen with Billy Crystal in a classic tale that navigates an unconventional romantic scenario, proving that true love has its own whimsical ways of manifesting. With the imminent release of ‘What Happens Later,’ it’s evident that Meg Ryan is eager to convince a new generation that love can be as enchanting as cinema makes it out to be.

Mark your calendars, folks! The first snapshots from ‘What Happens Later’ are now available for your viewing pleasure, ahead of its grand cinematic debut on October 13.

Image via Bleecker Street
Image via Bleecker Street
Image via Bleecker Street

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Meg Ryan’s Rom-Com Comeback

What is the title of Meg Ryan’s new movie?

The title of Meg Ryan’s new movie is ‘What Happens Later.’

Who is co-starring with Meg Ryan in ‘What Happens Later’?

David Duchovny is co-starring opposite Meg Ryan in the film.

Is Meg Ryan only acting in the movie, or does she have another role?

Meg Ryan is not only starring in ‘What Happens Later,’ but she’s also directing it. This is her first directorial effort since 2015.

What is the central plot of ‘What Happens Later’?

The movie revolves around Willa and Bill, former lovers who unexpectedly meet at an airport during a heavy snowstorm. Trapped, they have to decide whether their love deserves a second chance.

When is the movie set to release in theaters?

The movie is set to premiere on October 13 of this year.

What genre does ‘What Happens Later’ belong to?

‘What Happens Later’ is a romantic comedy, a genre that Meg Ryan has significantly contributed to throughout her career.

What was Meg Ryan’s previous directorial effort before ‘What Happens Later’?

Before ‘What Happens Later,’ Meg Ryan directed a film in 2015 called ‘Ithaca,’ which was a drama about a young boy delivering telegrams to support his family.

Have any images from the movie been released?

Yes, Entertainment Weekly has released several preview images that give us a glimpse into the movie’s setting and its main characters, Willa and Bill.

What is the most iconic romantic comedy of Meg Ryan’s career?

Perhaps the most iconic romantic comedy of Meg Ryan’s career is ‘When Harry Met Sally,’ where she starred opposite Billy Crystal.

Is the movie based on a true story or a novel?

There is no indication in the text that the movie ‘What Happens Later’ is based on a true story or a novel. It appears to be an original screenplay.

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