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Olivia Colman Joins ‘Paddington 3’

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Paddington 3

Olivia Colman has officially joined the cast of ‘Paddington 3,’ marking the first confirmed addition to the highly anticipated sequel. While plot details for the franchise’s third installment remain undisclosed, it has been revealed that Colman will portray the leader of a bear retirement home in Peru, hinting at a potentially intriguing premise for the film. Presently, Colman is the sole star attached to the project, leaving uncertainty regarding the return of cast members from previous movies for this international adventure.

The initial Paddington movie introduced audiences to the endearing bear based on Michael Bond’s creation, who flees from Peru following a devastating earthquake that destroys his home. Driven by a promise made by an archaeologist to his family years ago, Paddington determines that seeking refuge in London is his best option. Eventually, he is discovered by Henry (Hugh Bonneville) and Mary Brown (Sally Hawkins), who adopt him and affectionately name him after the train station where they find him. Garnering approximately $282 million in global box office earnings, the success of the first film prompted the studio to embark on developing a sequel shortly after its release.

Thus, three years after the original captivated audiences with the heartwarming bear’s adventures, Paddington 2 arrived on the big screen. Bonneville and Hawkins reprised their roles in a new storyline that depicted Paddington’s joyful life with his newfound family in London. However, everything takes a drastic turn when Phoenix Buchanan (Hugh Grant) steals a book from the store where Paddington works. With little evidence to prove his innocence, Paddington finds himself wrongfully imprisoned.

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Why Isn’t Paul King Directing Paddington 3?

Although Paul King directed the first two films in the series, his return to the director’s chair for the upcoming Peruvian adventure was expected. However, due to his involvement with Warner Bros.’ “Wonka,” where Timothée Chalamet portrays a young version of the iconic confectioner, King was unavailable. This musical adaptation will explore a previously unexplored facet of the character, as previous portrayals have depicted Willy Wonka as an older man. Consequently, the upcoming film aims to establish its unique identity and narrative perspective.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Paddington 3

Who has joined the cast of ‘Paddington 3’?

Olivia Colman has joined the cast of ‘Paddington 3’ as the leader of a bear retirement home in Peru.

What is the premise of ‘Paddington 3’?

The plot details of ‘Paddington 3’ are currently kept under wraps, but Olivia Colman’s character as the leader of a bear retirement home in Peru suggests an international adventure for the beloved bear.

Are there any returning cast members from previous ‘Paddington’ films?

As of now, Olivia Colman is the only confirmed cast member for ‘Paddington 3,’ and it is unknown if other cast members from previous installments will be returning for this sequel.

Why isn’t Paul King directing ‘Paddington 3’?

Paul King, who directed the first two ‘Paddington’ films, is not directing ‘Paddington 3’ due to his involvement in another project, “Wonka,” which focuses on a young version of the iconic candy manufacturer Willy Wonka.

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MovieLover123 June 23, 2023 - 9:06 pm

whaaaat?!?! paul king not directing paddington 3??? i luvd his work on the 1st 2 films. but i guess he’s busy with “Wonka.” can’t wait 2 c how they bring a young willy wonka 2 life. curious bout paddington 3’s new director tho. hope it’s as good as the first 2!

PeruvianExplorer June 23, 2023 - 11:54 pm

paddington in peru?! that’s incredible! i can’t wait 2 c how they showcase my beautiful country. olivia colman as the leader of a bear retirement home sounds adorable. peru + bears + adventure = an exciting movie! counting down the days!

PaddingtonBearFan June 24, 2023 - 12:58 am

olivia colman in paddington 3? that’s awesome! i can’t wait 2 c her playin the leader of a bear retirement home in peru. it sounds lik it will b an epic international adventure! hope other cast members from b4 will b back 2!


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