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Pom Klementieff Describes Tom Cruise as a “Gentleman” During Their ‘Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning’ Stunt Scene

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Pom Klementieff Tom Cruise fight scene

Following her departure from the role of Mantis in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 earlier this year, Pom Klementieff is gearing up to shine in another mega-hit, Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One. In this venture, she portrays a villain joining the principal antagonist, Gabriel, enacted by Esai Morales. It seems she brings a whirlwind of energy to the movie as she confronts Tom Cruise and Hayley Atwell. Steve Weintraub from FilmSweep attended the world premiere in Rome, and had an opportunity to converse with Klementieff about her experiences with the movie and the development of her fight scene with Cruise in an alleyway.

In her previous visit to Rome, Klementieff stole the limelight in an adrenaline-filled car chase as she pursued a handcuffed Cruise and Atwell. She reminisced, “It was absolutely crazy. I recall driving the Humvee around the fountain, chasing Tom and Hayley, and now we’re back here. It’s wonderful.” Despite possibly triggering many heart palpitations as she darted through Rome’s roads, she laughingly told Weintraub that she was still warmly welcomed back for the premiere. “It’s the magic of cinema!”

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The chase scene from Dead Reckoning Part One received massive applause when screened to audiences at CinemaCon this year. However, Weintraub and Klementieff chose to delve into her alleyway fight scene with Cruise, discussing the difficulties involved in its execution. “We took our time to ensure it was flawless,” she stated regarding the preparation. The confined area made capturing every action sequence a particular challenge. “The setup was extremely technical. It was challenging to perform the kicks and punches due to the narrow space. We had to identify the right things that would fit the characters and the action.” The effort to make the scene extraordinary extended back to the training room, where Klementieff spent “months” honing her character’s style:

“I trained for months and months, even before. I was working with Wade Eastwood, the stunt coordinator who worked on the previous movies. He was amazing to collaborate with. We were trying to create a unique fight style for the character.”

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Klementieff Comments on Cruise’s “Gentleman” Manner During Their Alleyway Fight Scene

Both Cruise and Klementieff are skilled in designing impressive fights. Performing in a narrow alleyway, however, makes it trickier to avoid real impacts during the staged fights. When asked if she feared actually hurting Cruise, Klementieff replied, “He’s robust! He could manage it. But I’m good with distancing. I trained a lot, so I know where to halt to avoid causing harm.” It was Cruise who was more concerned about hitting Klementieff, despite her reassurances. “Yes, I constantly asked him to allow some minor contact as it helps me, but he refrained because he’s a gentleman.”

Dead Reckoning Part One will feature Cruise and Klementieff alongside Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg, Vanessa Kirby, Ving Rhames, and Hayley Atwell among others, in what could be Ethan Hunt’s most perilous mission yet. A new weapon surfaces that could endanger humanity if it lands in the wrong hands, triggering a global chase to secure it before it’s too late. Hunt’s past returns to haunt him as a powerful and old enemy enters the scene.

Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One is set to debut in theaters on July 12. Be sure to check out our interview with Tom Cruise below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Pom Klementieff Tom Cruise fight scene

What role does Pom Klementieff play in ‘Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning’?

Pom Klementieff portrays a villain in the movie, joining the main antagonist Gabriel, played by Esai Morales.

How did Pom Klementieff describe her fight scene with Tom Cruise?

Klementieff described the fight scene as technically challenging due to the narrow space of the alleyway. They took their time to perfect the scene, and she trained extensively for months to prepare for it.

Was there any concern about actually hurting Tom Cruise during the fight scene?

According to Pom Klementieff, Tom Cruise is strong and capable of handling the fight choreography. However, she was cautious and trained to know the limits and avoid causing harm. Interestingly, Cruise himself was more concerned about accidentally hitting her and refrained from physical contact.

When is ‘Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One’ set to premiere?

The movie is scheduled to premiere in theaters on July 12.

Who else is in the cast of ‘Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One’?

The cast includes Tom Cruise, Pom Klementieff, Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg, Vanessa Kirby, Ving Rhames, Hayley Atwell, and others.

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StuntEnthusiast June 24, 2023 - 2:58 am

Wow, it’s impressive to hear how much training Pom Klementieff put into perfecting her fight style for the movie. Alleyway fight scenes can be tough, but it sounds like they made it work. Excited to see the action unfold!

PremiereGoer June 24, 2023 - 3:58 am

I love the Mission: Impossible series! The car chase scene with Pom Klementieff sounds exhilarating. And the fact that they premiered the movie in Rome is just awesome. Can’t wait for the release, it’s gonna be epic!

CruiseFan82 June 24, 2023 - 11:18 am

Tom Cruise is a legend! Even during fight scenes, he’s a total gentleman. Pom Klementieff must have been thrilled to work with him. Can’t wait to see their chemistry on display in Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One!

ActionFanatic June 24, 2023 - 11:21 am

I’m hyped for Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One! Pom Klementieff is gonna steal the show as the villain. And her alleyway fight scene with Tom Cruise sounds intense. Can’t wait to see the movie magic on screen!


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