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Sneak Peek into ‘Avatar 3’ Production Through a Behind-the-Scenes Snapshot of Pandora

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Avatar 3 behind-the-scenes image

In response to the announcement of Avatar 3’s delay, Jon Landau, a producer for the franchise, posted an intriguing behind-the-scenes photo from the anticipated blockbuster on his social media platforms. The image provides an enlightening glimpse into the enormous amount of work required for each shot in Cameron’s extraordinary universe, ensuring the visual effects are as top-notch as possible. The image depicts an actor viewed through the production camera’s digital filter, providing filmmakers with a preview of the Na’vi character’s on-screen appearance.

The third installment in the Avatar series remains unnamed and will explore the repercussions of the events from Avatar: The Way of Water. Fans have endured a thirteen-year hiatus since the original film, longing for a return to Pandora. Despite another delay potentially causing disappointment, the wait this time will be comparatively shorter. The intricate visual effects required to bring these narratives alive are a significant aspect, coupled with the fact that Disney is now handling the franchise distribution, necessitating that Avatar adjust its schedule to accommodate other shifting blockbusters.


In The Way of Water, Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldaña) have established a family and have devoted the last ten years to raising their children as best as they can. Life seemed idyllic on Pandora, until the return of the humans. No longer lured by the moon’s rare metals, the Earth’s inhabitants aimed to convert Pandora into a brand-new space colony, a development that was inevitably opposed by Jake and the Na’vi community, who strived to preserve their natural resources.

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Old Rivalries Rekindled

Jake was taken aback to discover that the human-led Na’vi avatar army was commanded by the digital consciousness of his old adversary, Colonel Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang). Despite Neytiri killing the character in the first movie, scientists managed to digitally preserve his personality and memories, ready to be transferred to any number of avatars as needed. Given the hardship Quaritch inflicted on Jake in the sequel, it’s certain that this old rivalry will resurface with a vengeance in Avatar 3, slated for release on December 19, 2025.

You’re invited to view the behind-the-scenes snapshot from Avatar 3 below, before the movie takes flight into theaters in 2025:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Avatar 3 behind-the-scenes image

What is the behind-the-scenes image from Avatar 3?

The behind-the-scenes image from Avatar 3 provides a glimpse into the production process of the blockbuster film, showcasing the efforts put into creating the visual effects and the appearance of the Na’vi characters on screen.

How long has it been since the release of the original Avatar movie?

Fans have waited for thirteen years since the release of the original Avatar movie to return to the captivating world of Pandora.

When will Avatar 3 be released?

Avatar 3 is scheduled to hit the big screen on December 19, 2025, allowing fans to continue the journey in the franchise.

What is the premise of Avatar 3?

Avatar 3 will explore the aftermath of the events in Avatar: The Way of Water, focusing on the conflict between the Na’vi and the humans who seek to exploit Pandora’s natural resources.

Who are the main characters in Avatar 3?

Jake Sully, portrayed by Sam Worthington, and Neytiri, played by Zoe Saldana, are the central characters in Avatar 3. They have formed a family and will face new challenges in protecting their home and way of life.

Is there an old rivalry that will be revisited in Avatar 3?

Yes, in Avatar 3, an old rivalry is reignited when Jake Sully discovers that Colonel Miles Quaritch, his previous adversary, has returned in the form of a digital consciousness, setting the stage for a new confrontation.

Why has Avatar 3 faced delays?

Avatar 3 has experienced delays due to the complexity of the visual effects required to bring the film to life and the need to adjust its release schedule to accommodate other blockbusters distributed by Disney.

What can fans expect from Avatar 3?

Fans can expect a visually stunning cinematic experience with Avatar 3, delving deeper into the world of Pandora, exploring new conflicts, and witnessing the evolution of characters and their relationships.

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