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‘Snowfall’s Damson Idris Lands Lead Role Opposite Brad Pitt in Untitled Formula 1 Racing Movie

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Damson Idris from the TV show Snowfall, has just been cast in Brad Pitt’s new movie about Formula 1 racing. Apple is spending a lot of money on the production and everyone involved will be paid very well. This project is one of the biggest deals they have ever had!

Brad Pitt will star in an upcoming sports drama movie. He plays the role of a retired driver who helps out a younger rookie. People are really excited to see it, especially since this is Brad Pitt and George Clooney’s second project together with director Jon Watts.

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Tom Cruise, Kosinkski and Bruckheimer are all fans of using practical effects for the upcoming Top Gun: Maverick movie. That’s why it was important for them to find just the right actor who could handle the intense driving scenes in this feature. So back in November 2022, they started looking around for prospects for the role. Then Idris made it through their tests this past January by doing both some screen tests as well as lots of driving tests.

Idris got famous when he starred in the drama series Snowfall which is set in the 1980s. He played the role of a young drug dealer named Franklin Saint who sells crack cocaine. It was very popular with people and critics and recently it finished its sixth season. Idris will now be appearing in a new movie alongside Brad Pitt, so it should be really cool to watch!

Kosinski, Bruckheimer and Chad Oman from Jerry Bruckheimer Films are working on a new feature. Seven-time Formula One racing champion Sir Lewis Hamilton is also producing it through his company Dawn Apollo with help from Plan B and Copper CEO Penni Thow as an executive producer. We don’t know any more information about this project other than what you’ve just read, but stay updated by following FilmSweep to get the latest news on this project. Plus, you can see our previous interview with Pitt down below.

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