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Sorry Kids, Disney+ Is Cracking Down on Password Sharing

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Password Sharing

Apologies, Kids! Disney+ Is Getting Serious About Password Sharing

In a move that’s bound to disrupt the Netflix-and-chill game, Disney+ is tightening the screws on password sharing, following in the footsteps of its streaming rival. Starting from November 1st, this crackdown will first be felt by our friends up north in Canada. Disney recently dropped the bombshell via email to its Canadian subscribers, and while they didn’t spill all the beans on their enforcement methods, they did make it clear that they’re putting the kibosh on account-sharing shenanigans.

The announcement comes hot on the heels of Disney’s Q3 earnings call, which happened a little over a month ago. During that call, Disney’s big cheese, CEO Bob Iger, let it slip that they’ve been brainstorming ways to tackle this shared account issue. He also pointed out that there’s quite a posse of folks out there sharing their Disney+ passwords. Moreover, Disney has the tech mojo to keep tabs on who’s logging in. Interestingly, Disney’s plans to curb password sharing aren’t a knee-jerk reaction; they’ve been brewing since as far back as 2019, even before the Mouse House launched its streaming service.

Disney+ is just the latest streaming platform to roll up its sleeves and tackle this password-sharing conundrum. Netflix, the OG of the streaming world, has been experimenting with different approaches in various countries for over a year and started cracking down in the US back in May. Netflix’s system involves locking accounts to a user’s IP address and offering options to add extra members for a fee, depending on your subscription plan. According to Netflix, this strategy has attracted more subscribers to the service.

Now, let’s talk dollars and sense—well, streaming cents, to be precise. Bob Iger, Disney’s head honcho, highlighted earlier this year that streaming is a costly business, and the returns weren’t quite matching up to the investment. In his own words, “I’m generally bullish on streaming as a great consumer proposition, as a really robust platform to deliver high-quality content.” He went on to emphasize the inevitability of everything shifting to streaming, but also the need to “better rationalize our costs” and, importantly, to find a “pricing strategy that makes sense.”

So, with the password-sharing crackdown, Disney hopes to follow in the footsteps of Netflix’s success and get their streaming costs back on track. The battle for your binge-watching bucks continues!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Password Sharing

Q: Why is Disney+ cracking down on password sharing?

A: Disney+ is following the lead of streaming giant Netflix in cracking down on password sharing to reduce streaming costs and attract more subscribers. CEO Bob Iger sees streaming as the future and believes that implementing sensible pricing strategies is essential for the platform’s success.

Q: How will Disney+ enforce its password-sharing restrictions?

A: Disney+ has not provided specific details on its enforcement methods. However, they have the technical capability to track user logins, which suggests that they may monitor and restrict account access based on unusual login patterns.

Q: When will Disney+ start cracking down on password sharing?

A: Disney+ will begin enforcing its password-sharing restrictions on November 1st. The rollout will commence in Canada and may expand to other regions in the future.

Q: What’s the background behind Disney’s decision to restrict password sharing?

A: Disney’s plans to curb password sharing have been in development since 2019, even before Disney+ was officially launched. CEO Bob Iger expressed concerns about the high costs of streaming services and the need for a pricing strategy that aligns with their investments.

Q: How does Netflix handle password sharing, and has it been successful?

A: Netflix restricts account access based on a user’s IP address and offers options to add extra members for a fee, depending on the subscription plan. This strategy has reportedly attracted more subscribers to the service, making it a successful approach for Netflix.

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